Invert Alt-Middle Mouse navigation?

There are many control preferences you can fiddle with under Editor Preferences

See if you can find something you like there!

I personally use WASD

We don’t support this now. We’ve had a lot of discussion on the topic, and the general situation is this: In Unreal, mouse movement direction directly maps to screen movement similar to behavior in a game (as if you’re dragging the camera through the scene). In Maya, it’s the opposite, as if you’re moving the scene while the camera remains still.

I’d love to hear whether you still want this option after a few weeks of using UE4 and becoming familiar with the camera controls. Here is the complete doc:

I must tell you Tim I love the WASD setup in UE4!

It flows so nice between PIE and Editor mode!

I spend so much time fiddling in 3ds Max to use the Walkthrough WASD mode,

and then sigh in relief when I get back to UE4 Editor,

cruising around using the middle mouse wheel to control move speed.

#Thank you for UE4!



Thank you. The alt m-mouse button catches me off guard a little, but all forms of navigation feel really great.

It would be nice if the original middle mouse button action moves as it does now, and if you hold Alt it reversed and allowed you to drag the cam like Maya.

Not a big deal though!

Hi Tim, if each camera control components (pan-x/y/z , orbit-rx/ry/rz, etc) are exposed separately to an external config file for developers to customize their favorite combos, that will really be a plus.

If I could I would add a vote to this being in the customisation, I am finding it very disconcerting having mmb drag go the wrong way :slight_smile:

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I’m really liking UE4 so far, but I too would love to have the option to invert the mmb drag direction.

I’m in Maya all the time, so it’s constantly throwing me off when I go into UE4 and the mmb drags the wrong way.

Loving UE4, but this is definitely a bit jarring when you spend most of your day in Maya and then jump into UE4.

It would be great if you could add a toggle to invert it (to match Maya) to the Editor preferences. You guys even refer to it as “Maya mode” in the tutorials! :slight_smile:

We’ve added an invert option in the preferences. It will be available in the next build

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Fantastic - thanks guys!

Wow, thanks!!

You guys rock! Thanks for listening and for moving so quickly!

That’s brilliant. Can I ask if it applies to both alt-LMB and alt-MMB? I need them both flipped, jumping between Cinema4D and UE is a nightmare (in an otherwise wonderful editor).

Great to hear. Thanks …that’s what I was looking for.I don’t mean now that current function…but to see the willingness to implement users needs. Subscription granted with such response!. Keep going that way and you have a plenty happy subscribers for sure.

@matt Is this already available in build 4.0.2 ? Couldn’t find the mentioned ‘invert’ option in the preference yet.

Same here. I work in Maya all day. If UE4 is going to mimic maya’s controls, could we at least get the option to invert the alt middle mouse drag? Pretty please? :slight_smile:
edit oh wow, you already did. THANK YOU! <3

See this thread for the answer:

If I was just using UE4 then it wouldn’t be a big deal but when your working with Maya/Max and UE4, it disrupts your workflow. It just gets annoying is all. It would be great to have an option in the editor to change the tracking mechanism to mimic autodesk max/maya.

Confirmed as of v4.11.2:

EDIT > Editor Preferences > Level Editor [Viewports] > Controls >>> “Invert Middle Mouse Pan”

Thanks alot for Y, but Invert X is still missing. maybe there’s a stand alone program that inverts mouseX than alt+LMB pressed?

I can live with scaling than scroll used is independent from distance from object, though it’s a bit annoying
I also can live with rotation being independent from where mouse points when alt+LMB though pressing “F” each time is really time consuming, But Inability to inverse X is just AWWW

I hope that one day all 3D apps will have standartized navigation like in Cinema4D) This is really a very basic and crutial feature…