Introduction to Blueprints?


First of all I’m very new here - really sorry if there is something obvious I’m missing, but:
I haven’t been able to find any sort of starter kit on Blueprints. Is there any course, or general introduction tutorial that I could use?

Disclaimer: I’m very new to UE and also coding, so I’m happy for anything!


How about this?

These helped me: Link and Link

Also if you’re new to coding, get familiar with programming logic. Sites like and Online C++ Compiler - online editor are good fast options to get started with simple problems IMO.

I’m learning myself so feel free to DM.

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Tutorials / online courses aren’t worth a sht, here’s why:

Instead dissect / take projects apart and learn that way: :wink:

My advice would be to look for something fairly simple like a crouch or sprint tutorial and watch those videos closely. And notice the COLORS, UE carefully color codes things to signify what type or class something is. If you can’t produce a node you see in a video, are they using same version as you?, are you dragging out from another node or are you just right clicking and searching, and I find there is many times you tick or untick context sensitive in the search box to find something.