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…seriously? You’re really taking this too personal…

Cool story bro, keep being a robot. :slight_smile:

Umm. Maya LT, MODO indie supports FBX export up to 100K polys per object (which is more than enough). I don’t know if there’s any limitations on FBX export in Houdini Indie.

Maya LT would be a huge problem for us. Our current model in progress is 1.2m tris, but it won’t stay that way once done , and optimized. Thats why I’m forced to use meshmixer by autodesk instead of doing it all in blender, but as this thread progresses, and a big HUGE thanks to autodesk, maybe we need to heavily consider the switch to houdini, maya lt , something, as heavy a heart I feel about that, because blender edit mode is bust for us ( the known issue) with no eta for a fix and I don’t feel entitled to it, just a fact we have to consider.

Houdini Indie ( apprentice for obj isn’t half bad either! ) is a possibility indeed, and I guess at $199 its a steal, though I consider houdini semi scary so I’ve not put alot of time into it just yet, but its certainly on the radar :wink:

@neighborlee … I mean if you really don’t like blender and don’t want to use it… whats the point of doing a marketing campaign on the reasons not to use blender?

Why do you even care about blender then? I mean what’s the point unless blender hurt you somehow?

I’m here because I use Blender. fin.

If you don’t then don’t… lol I’m so **** confused …

everytime blender is brought up so many weird emotional responses come with it…

[EDIT] Ok, I re-read everything you wrote from the first post for clarity.

You’re just trying to say Blender is having too many problems for you and you’re now looking for something that will work better for you.
So Blender was a bad option for your needs and ended up hurting your workflow, you’re understandably ****** at this. I can understand that.

I agree, if its no good for your needs and you need this now then you’re completely right. You shouldn’t waste time on Blender and should pay for your tools.

The thing is most of us Blender users are not in a rush. We’re not here asking for this now! we’re just here asking for more options in the future. Many of us are just hobbyists and/or just wanting maybe to make stuff for the asset store.

So this is why I don’t uderstand. If you’ve realized blender is not good for your needs why are you wasting dev time? Get the better tool and get to work :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Some clarification, and I get your passion.

I’m not (expletive attempt via ***'s) that, just frustrated at months/sometimes yrs of trying to model a certain scene or object in blender in edit mode, only to be greeted with terrible lag.

Its not about anything, but blenders current inability to get it done, meshmixer is all about done already.

Sadly :wink:

Glad you understood my points but you clearly aren’t getting where I’m at essentially.

My dev time is my time, and I don’t pay for any tools, YET, as I use meshmixer, which is free, at the moment anyway, for most modeling needs.

Im not really in a rush and I don’t recall ever saying so :wink:

I just said, often and in various places, blender edit mode isn’t capable of delivering , often, hence the need for other tools.

I think the time for you to calm down, is past.

Maybe its you who is in a rush and don’t realize it :wink:

The thread started out fair enough, then it seems your passion overwhelmed you.

I suggest moving on , because we are suppose to b e helping each other, not throw darts. They hurt.

I don’t get edit mode lag until 2-3 million but I don’t use blender for modeling or sculpting such high poly nor do I go so high in my scene either since I like to make everything in smaller modular pieces. I’m saving up for Zbrush for anything really high poly related. Got Designer and Painter for PBR texturing.

If that makes blender unusable for you. As you’ve brought up, maybe you should start paying for some tools.

[edit] why such an edit? I liked what you said the first time. You had a good point. I’m so confused.

couple of tweaks to speedup edit mode:
N-panel > Display =render only
>Shading>Texture solid (turn off before entering sculpt mode)
>hidden wire
>mesh display>deselect all except edge
mask out areas not being worked on,
break model into sub groups as issue is only with object being worked on and not object in scene, then if required after editing re assemble as final operation.

the above gives me a 10x performance boost. (old card comfy at around 500K tris in edit mode, 12 million in sculpt)
looks like blender uses only one cpu during edit mode, where as sculpt mode is multi threaded, maybe some edit mode operations that could be achieved in sculpt mode with the use of masks/ scrape tools with constraints set, trim and area plane/view plane for example.

#not getting into the for or against, Blender>FBX>Unreal is working for me for specific tasks, batch exporting 4,000 objects with multiple material slots at a time using Takanu Kyrako’s capsule addon, as placeholders while prototyping, then re-editing in blender and using capsule addon to overwrite indivdual objects/reimport object via right click in unreal.

Has anyone mentioned in this thread where FBX is failing them?

Why are you trying to edit a 1.3 million triangle mesh in edit mode though? Surely it would work better in sculpt mode.

Why are you asking ? Do you use blender , model things ?

Sculpt mode isn’t for , editing vertices.

I take it you don’t model often :wink:

Also, while yes, sculpting can do a lot, blender sculpting is inefficient, because at the moment anyway, the ‘conform to topology’ ability of brush isn’t here. It apparently was removed sometime ago, and working without it, is inefficient . Meshmixer has it, and isn’t slow on millions of verts.

Now you understand :wink:


Hi and thx for attempt to aid :wink:

texture solid slowed it down too much.

Cant’ find hidden texture anywhere, nor dselect all except edge.

I have no idea about masking but I"ll look into it.

Its not just editing though as I noted, Its also that blender no longer has a sculpting brush, that conforms to mesh topology and I don’t like working without it.

I don’t know what kinda of hardware you have, or version of blender, but I’m still stuck with horrible lag on this ( was testing) 1.3m tri mesh, whereas meshmixer , or even maya LT (when I was testing) doesn’t give this terrible lag.

If blender wants to be taken seriously, it needs to come to the current era with the rest of the 3d apps that do not cause me, any slowdowns.

Autodesk may be expensive for the average indie ( maya lt whatever), but they have their act together.


No I don’t understand. Sure I model in Blender. Actually I would say that one of the strengths of Blender is that you can switch to sculpt mode while modeling and use the sculpting tools, it’s pretty effective with the inflate/smooth brushes and so on when modeling a character if you don’t want to sculpt it 100% and then retopo. Sculpt mode is for editing vertices. You aren’t using a different data type when you switch to sculpt mode… Which is why I asked you the question: why use edit mode with a 1.3 million triangle mesh instead of using sculpt mode? Edit mode isn’t designed to be used with that kind of dense meshes. You’ll only see a black mush of vertices. Or are you saying you have a need to edit single vertices for your mesh?

By default all sculpt brushes conform to topology because they don’t change the topology. If you want the topology to be changed there’s dyntopo, but you will have to retopo a mesh sculpted in that mode.

I noticed that you didn’t answer my question. Which is fine, I don’t really care. But I think there’s probably a better workflow instead of trying to model huge meshes in edit mode. Dyntopo sculpt mode and then retopo for character sculpts, for hard surface models you can use subdiv modifiers and then paint the smaller details using normal maps (or just use the hardops addon to create the model). I don’t know what kind of model you’re trying to make but these workflows should be better.

Also if you’re having trouble using Blender you can ask questions at or and you will get help.

neighborlee, I’m very interested in Meshmixer’s abilities, could you give a brief outline of how you use it, and where it differs from blender.

Just wondering when you mention blender sculpt not following topology, are you referring to preserving edge-loops?
or sculpting of unequal sized quads ?

In reference to the advice I gave above, all options are in the N-panel , press N key in 3d window
N-panel > Display =render only
N-panel>Shading>Texture solid (turn off before entering sculpt mode-think it lags in sculpt mode)
N-panel>Shading>hidden wire
N-panel>mesh display>deselect all overlay options, except edge
Hide/mask out areas not being worked on, select area to be worked on, invert selection, press H.

Curious also as to what type of modeling you are doing, hard surface? organic-creatures, what is the requirement to enter edit mode?

Actually I would say that one of the strengths of Blender is that you can switch to sculpt mode while modeling and use the sculpting tools < I’ve known that for ages, so I’m aware how to get into sculpt mode, its pretty obvious right :0

Sculpt mode is not defined by ability to act on vertices , the same way ‘edit’ mode does. Surely you know that.

They are entirely two different modes, why else would they exist separate from each other , the perform very different functions, how can you not know thAT ???

I dont have time for this.

Do our own research pls and take your own advice instead of badgering me. ask on BA forum for things you aren’t aware of. As noted, blender devs KNOW about edit mode perf. problems, its not JUST ME :slight_smile:

I would point you to ba thread about sculpt brush NOT conforming to toplogy but their site is DOWN atm, same for edit mode perf.problems.

IE: I get this :
" Site temporarily unavailable.
Connection timed out - please try again. "


No, try meshmixer sometime, and ‘see’ what I mean, its not easy to explain necessarily, at all.

The ‘brush’ shape, circular in nature, ‘conforms’ to the shape of the mesh being altered. It s that simple. I am right about this, blender cant do it, right now, and its because the feature was taken out to do something else, and it was never put back in. Thats a fact.

I’m doing both organic and hard surf.which is why blender wont work atm on this one mesh, that is too large for blender to work reliably and smoootly,in edit mode, which ask any blender dev, IS a known issue, I’m not making any of this up I promise :wink:

I wish people wouldn’t rely on just me for these answers, you can also seek them on ba forum as I have done :wink:

I appreciate the attempt, but I wish people would give up onthis!\

I tried your suggestions,and it had zero , I repeat zero effect on my LAG in edit mode, it was a total waste of my time, ty so much.

I replied, nowits your turn, do your own homework, verify what I’ve said by going to ba forum, and ask them, not me :wink:

T y for taking the time to try to help, but I’m very over blendres short comings, meshmixer has none of them, except ability to use edit mode, but right now I dont need it terribly badly, and when I do I’m out of luck till blender fixes things.

Until then. I’ll use houdini which has no such edit mode lag.

Ty for trying, but just to reiterate, these are not problems I created, blender devs know about all of them, now you do too :wink:


My answer though should be enough, its simple. Try meshmixer and you’ll get it, I promise :wink:

I’m busy now, gotta go :wink:

Yes, a waste of time, instead of the clearly worthwhile effort of editing single vertices in edit mode on a 1.3 million tri mesh. Rofl. Whatever dude.

I just wanted to point out that there’s a Blender-Houdini and Houdini-Blender exchanger, you can check it out here: Exchangers · mifth/mifthtools Wiki · GitHub
You can use it to exchange geometry from Blender to Houdini or vice versa, it’s really useful.

I tried, it didn’t work, and now you come back with ROFL and 'whatever dude ’

You have no idea why I’m editing vertices, and it may not be just ‘single vertices’, that was used as an example.

Don’t bother even responding, I won’t bother wasting more time on your insults.

I won’t go to your link either, I trust nothing coming from people who insult the way you have.

TY for link though, that part I guess was ‘civil’, but its too whittle too wate.


Everyone keep their cool. Be civil and productive. Otherwise we will be forced to lock this thread.