Interactive door

Hi. I want to create interactive door like this Unreal Engine 4 - Interactive Door - YouTube . But I don’t find any information about attaching bone to socket (maybe its IK?). So what can I use to create something like this?

Hello AntXXX18,

We have a tutorial that walks you through how to make an automated door. This is not the swinging door that you had in mind but you should be able to adopt the method for your purposes. Typically the door is modeled separately from the frame and used with it’s own set of properties. This is so the door is not driven by bones or sockets.

I think he’s asking about how to move the character hand to the door knob like in the video.

And I am pretty sure that example is doing it via a socket but I myself haven’t actually worked with that all that much and can’t give a good answer. Sorry.

Hey AntXXX18,

I got some really helpful information from some of the devs and their suggestions are using IK’s.

"Pulling off what’s in that video is a two parter, as I see it. One is getting the hand to reach for the door knob when in range of it. There’d be a bunch of tweaking to make that not look really funny. You don’t want crazy magnetic arm tentacle behavior. The second part is actually opening the door. I would have assumed the door was a skeletal mesh where the hinges are the joint between the door’s bone and the frame’s bone. You probably don’t really want that to be physics driven either. You want controlled, predictable, reliable smooth movement.

IK is definitely how you want to get the arm movement. Getting the door to swing open nicely and progressively, that’s going to take some experimenting.

You get all kinds of edge cases, because the door can be anywhere between fully shut and fully open and a character can stop moving at any point. My best guess is to do something with the character’s proximity to the door. Not wacky inflatable arm man punching the door open."

This was the information they provided, so hopefully you can get started in the right direction.


I wanted to know how I can do this with my hand just like in Outlast or mirror’s edge