Instancing Like Dungeon

Hi Everyone,

I’m working on Instancing on Unreal Engine For especially mmorpg games’ feature “Dungeon & Instances”.

Please Note That : This Pack will require “Source Build for Dedicated Server build of Unreal Engine”

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Will it be compatible with (for example) the MMOKIT? And this is a presale right? The 33% discount is valid till August 31st?

I don’t have mmokit. If this kit’s author give me a copy, I can add this feature. Yes it is pre-sale now, August 31 st is estimated time for finish. Before this time, if I finish , discount won’t be valid.

Note : If you have some coding information, you will easily add this to all packs… You will see detailed documentation when released.

Do you want anything from me for add this pack?