Inside Unreal: Motion Warping and Full-Body IK

Hi, thx for the video and explanations, I found it very clear and interesting.
Currently I migrated my whole project to Unreal Engine 5.
So far I migrated the foot-leg IK I was using (implemented in a postprocess animation BP) to the one explained in the video and it is working fine, but I have found several issues in the preview:

1 - When dealing with blueprint variables whenever I try to delete an used variable the editor shows a dialog asking for confirmation. In the ue5 preview of teh control rig if i delete the variables in the control rig “my blueprint” this dialog is always wrong. Sometimes the variable is not being used, but the dialog says it is being used. Other times the dialog does not appear, but the variables were being used and the get/set nodes become deleted from the graph. This happens more with vector nodes like getthisvectorZcomponent nodes.

2 - I am missing many trace functions which where available in the post process anim bp, like the box, line , sphere and multi- variants.

3 - I tried to use control rig to update ik_hand_gun, ik_foot etc with the hand_l, foot_l bones when enabling ragdoll physics on the skeleton, but control rig does not seem to work when using ragdoll physics, because these bones transforms are not modified at all with get/set transform nodes.

4 - Missing documentation on the nodes behaviour and in depth explanation of what they do.

5 - Sometines after undoing or pasting a function and recompiling the nodes overlay does not show existing connections and I am forced to close the editor and reopen it for everything to appear properly

Which I understand as normal and part of an early acces build, but I notify these issues here for everyone to be aware of and the developers to fix.

Another question I have is about postprocess anim bp. Is it is going to be replaced with the new control rig?. I have seen that you can place control rig animation nodes also in the postprocess anim bp, is this a proper way of doing it? Currently I have totally disabled the postprocess anim bp and moved its code to the control rig and the main animation bp.