Improve Content Browser Search Syntax

Improve Content Browser Search Syntax

Article written by Ryan B.

With some simple changes to how you search the Content Browser, you can search for the intersection or union of collections, compare any properties that show up in Column View, or the tooltip for an asset (anything marked AssetRegistrySearchable or added via a GetAssetRegistryTags override).

For example, if you want to find assets with metadata that contains “tree” in one of its values AND has multiple LODs that haven’t got a Mobile MinLOD override set, you would search for:

Tree AND Lods > 1 MinLOD=-mobile

This searches for tree (Tree), AND has LODs greater than 1 (Lods > 1) with the MinLOD is NOT set for mobile (MinLOD=-mobile)


See the full list of syntax here.
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