Importing same pivot position from max into ue4

Hey guys,

actually iam on it to block a little scene in 3ds max out. therefore i’ve many different pieces and i want to import them consisently with their own pivots. but the problem is that all pivots from all pieces are still getting effected to the 0/0/0 space. is there any possibility to get the same pivot position from each max piece into ue4? And when its possible please tell me how


As far as I know this is still not possible -> the pivot will be at 0,0,0 So you will have to move your meshes to the right position. e.g when you want to have the pivot at the edge of a door, you will have to move the edge to 0,0,0 :slight_smile:

ok thanks mate but i think this shouldnt be a big deal to “fix” or change this with the coming patches because when i want to import sth even when its only a whitebox then it should orient on the pivot of the 3D program you’re using. otherwise its way too much work to export and change the blockout in the engine itself

Like any other engineering discipline, what “would be nice,” and what “is,” are not the same thing, and that’s why it’s hard work and they have to pay you to do it :slight_smile:

Separately, you might try creating a dummy at the origin per element, and make each element a child of that dummy. Export the dummy/child combination. That may make it use the origin as the pivot. Maybe.

yes you’re right that there are thinks that would be “nice to have”. but what iam talking about is a really common thing with no real engineer effort in it. older and other engines can do this very easy. i solved the problem with another strategy right now but it would make it a it easier. Its just a hint and an approach to work around it for the next time

It’s super easy to just select everything before exporting and then set their positions to 0,0,0
Then when it imports to UE4 it will have the pivot in the position you want.

Now as far as actually putting the object where you had it in Max, that’s a different matter. Since things are imported to the content browser where they can then be dragged and placed in the level, that position isn’t something that’s easy to export. There’s tools in the Content section here on the forums to help place objects into a map the way you have them in Max, but it’s something that’s outside of the FBX exporter.
Ultimately what UE4 would need is a way to import a collection of objects as a Prefab object, so you’d get each individual object into the content browser like normal, but it would also have a prefab where it’s a collection of all those objects together in the positions that you want with all the correct references to the individual objects in the content browser. Maybe we’ll get something like that at some point.

Could you not adjust the pivot only in 3ds max set it to 0.0.0 and that would leave to object were it is?. Then set the object’s pivot location to 0.0.0 in unreal 4 and it should be in same place as in 3ds max?(i think)

There is a utility for this thats been posted here before. It takes all the max objects in your scene and exports them out to UE4. One object at a time it moves them to 0,0,0 and exports them to their original co-ordinates.
I have not tried it out yet (plan to very soon) but the youtube video’s look like it works. cant remember the name right now, but some searching this site will find it.

one of the nice things is that each object will have its pivot point (local 0,0,0) where it should be instead of way off somewhere else. Grossly offset pivot points will make it hard to to do LOD’s and good physics.

what Darthviper was saying about creating pre-fabs would be a great feature we need badly.