Importing in to UDK problems

So since this is so new I’m still having problems, with the basics like importing. So here are my issues.

How am I supposed to import FBX files in UE4, I mean what export settings should i have exporting out of 3DSMax. Usually when I do it my normals are wrong, I can correct that by having UDK calculate the normals, but its not as accurate at doing so.

How to import in textures with alpha maps, or what file format and setting on such file format should I have to properly import in my texture with an alpha map. The only success that I had was with a PSD file but that uncompressed.

As a followup question to the last one, would it be worth the usually larger file size to get an alpha map. Or should I just import a jpeg, where I can get a nice 3 RGB.

  1. I would recommend you to choose “smoothing groups” in the export settings of 3ds max + a older fbx version (2013)
  2. For the incorrect normals:
  3. tng, png

UDK -> free version of the UE3 :stuck_out_tongue:

what’s a tng?, is it what you get when a tga and a png have a baby;):stuck_out_tongue:

only a joke somebody in our industry will understand. Last week a co-worker called my mom a jpeg.

Back to the point well I already tried tga but every-time the alpha would just not show, any specific setting I’m missing.

Just save your tga -> then close your program -> open the tga file again and create your alpha channel -> now it should work

Make sure you are saving the tga as 32bit.

Yeah that what it was, its the 32 bit. So then tell me this should I even use the targa 32 bit format to get my alpha maps. Won’t it be more efficient to get 2 16 bit jpeg images, because that way they will both have 6 channels through , their RGB.