Importing from blender

Hello everyone,

I am having some trouble importing assets from blender, bear in mind that i have zero knowledge of blender (or 3d modeling in general) and am new to unreal engine too.

So i followed a tutorial about making a realistic earth on blender, nothing hard there obviously and the result is satisfactory but i can’t find a way to actually get the same result once in UE.

Here is the result once i hit render in blender ; what shown here are 3 UV spheres inside each others with each a material.

And here is what i get in UE

The materials are there and i can use them with built-in shapes if i wanted (well not exactly, the imported materials seems to have lost some properties like opacities and such, but that is another problem), but no matter what i do, as long as it is an imported static mesh, i can not see them, just a basic color showing.

I have tried to export as an .fbx or an .obj.

When importing the .fbx, i get this error:

But i don’t have such option in the exporting menu of blender, i don’t have this error when i import the .obj because i had the option to export smoothing groups.

And with both extensions, i also get this error:

If anyone could help me, i would appreciate it.

this link might help How do I fix smoothing group error when Importing mesh? - UE4 AnswerHub

I have tried that already, exported with smoothing normal/face/edge, nothing is working, i must be missing something but can’t figure out what, found countless topics on google with the same problem, most of them don’t have solutions and those who claim they have don’t work for me, or at least are not explained well enough.

you can’t apply a material in Blender and expect it to “just work” in unreal. we haven’t reached that point of seamless integration unfortunately.
you need to export the sphere, then do the whole material process in unreal.

That is not the issue, not a single material works on the sphere i imported even those provided in StarterContent.

did you unwrap your UV and assign a material in blender?

That is it, i just found out that it was the problem, i needed to add an UV map for it to work.

Had to do couple of modification because by unwraping, my material would apply on every face of the sphere, i followed a bunch of tutorials to make it work, this is out of my expertise and i don’t fully understand why i did what i had to do but the result is there anyways.


Because surfaces of shapes are not a 2D map, htat is why you need to UV map each face, so a 2d mapping (a texture) can be applied to a face… so each face (vertex) has its specific UV coords… is like… how you map the earth to a 2D surface, in fact there are a lot of mappings.

Map projection - Wikipedia each corner of each quad has a coordinate, the space in between are interpolations of those coordinates, it is the same but with a 2s texture, and a surface of the hspe of your model, if you dont have this, how will you map? that is why they are needed.