Importing Assets from UE4 demo levels

Ok so I have been trying to import some assets from the demo levels for use in a couple of projects. I do this by copying the files from the demo levels to my project folder and for the most part, it works. However some things, like some Blueprints, materials and meshes, are just broken or are imported in pieces. I’m still learning UE so I can try to piece them together properly but I’d rather have them as they were created. Am I importing these wrong or is this just something I’ll have to live with?

right click on the asset in the editor the choose “migrate” then browse to the folder you want then click ok.
in most cases this will then take all the parts with it and maintain all the links

You should try using migrate! Right click on the asset in the content browser and choose migrate. This allows you to move assets between projects. Hope this helps!

That worked perfectly! Thank you very much guys!

There is a page in the wiki for this that you can update with any particular tidbits you find:

This also worked for me, and thanks for the explanation. I have a follow up question. I am trying to migrate multiple projects into one of my new projects, that way I have a ton of assets to play around with. However, I am not able to change the folder names, so migrating multiple projects with the same folder names are overwriting. An option is given to overwrite, but that is it. Is there a way to migrate all assets successfully without overwriting each other?

I tried renaming the folder, but the option is disabled for some reason.