Importing animated FXB always fails?

Hello There!

I’ve got the same problem, I just can’t import anim file “Failed to import xxx.fbx, failed to create asset…”

I don’t understand what i’m doing wrong… I proccess the way as usual with other animated objects or characters…
Is there some things to avoid when create and export a skeletal mesh?

It’s very strange because, I can’t import anim .fbx file on an existing skeletal mesh, But, I can import the animation with the original skeletal mesh for the first time I import it.


Epic, fix it = = I think it’s a bug
someone threads said 4.7 and earlier version work properly, 4.8 and higher version changed, it’s really unconvenient

OH I think I figured it out!
the animation must have every skeleton node for a model in ue4, if not, you need edit the aimation
I just loaded both model and animation in blender, and deleted the mesh, export the animation, it worked = =

I can understand that I missed something like forgot including the root bone but, there is no error message and I exported the complete skeleton…
It should work!