I'm a C++ programmar.Does any guys have any tutorials for how to use C++ in Unreal4

Hello, I’m a cocos2d-x engineer. and I’m learning how to use Unreal4. I’m really like Unreal Engine too.
So I used to use c++ language to develop game. but I found many tutorials just talk about how to use the editor but no how to use code to develop game. does anyone have any tutorials for how to use C++ in Unreal4 and I really want to see some sample code . thank u very much

I don’t think there are a lot of C++ tutorials out there yet. But there is a quite nice documentation on the engine architecture and general programming here:

You can vote for a C++ tutorial on Epic’s Roadmap that was published just yesterday:

And you’ll also find some tips in this thread:

I am in same situation as you. While waiting for more tutorials on Unreal C coding i am playing with blueprints. For now instead of wasting time, getting frustrated and trying to guess what is what in C I just follow easier path of learning blueprints. Blueprints are needed anyway, they also have lots of common ideas with C side of unreal. Also for eg. to spawn complicated structure I need to use instanced static meshes, I already know this from playing with BLueprints (I also know how they work), this knowledge will be useful for C when i get there.

Just to be clear, and I’m sure you know this, but C and C++ are different languages. C++ is a superset of C (sort of at least) and UE was implemented in C++. You’ll mostly be coding C++, when you’re developing games with UE, not just plain C. And Unreal Script is a different language altogether, which was used by previous versions of UE, but not anymore.

thank u

Thank u very much. it help me. but I think I need more information for my questions. here is a suggest why you guys do not make a video tutorial for how to use c++ to develop a game.

There will probably be a lot more tutorials down the road. UE4 was released just over a month ago, it’s still very new and everyone is figuring out how to use it, currently. And I can only repeat what I already suggested in the last thread (that I linked above):

I think there are 3 reasons:
First: to make tutorial one needs to know subject very well, no guessing or “hmmmm” all the time
Second: make tutorial worth making requires several hours, instead of that we can play with unreal which is more fun for us
Third: coders are either shy or autistic (borderline) so we don’t have quality microphones usually

Also about tutorial about “how to develop a game”, I have one and it is size of a quite big book.
Laters, bzr just updated.

There are a couple tutorials and guides that are probably good starting points to get a handle on using C++ with Unreal Engine. The Programming Quick Startis a short guide to get you up and running with compiling a game project and adding your first class. You also might find the First Person Shooter tutorial helpful, since it walks you through creating a GameMode, a Character, and a Projectile in C++ code, with Blueprints mainly used for setting asset references.

Hopefully these help get you started! Good luck, and have fun! :slight_smile:

Ok,I’ll check it. thank you very much.

Sweet! this is the exact reason why I registered on the forums after watching today’s Twitch video lol! Thanks Lauren.

If you have not found it yet take a look here.