IKinema RunTime available to small and indie studios for £99

Ah, I get it.

So, basically adjustment to existing anim using IK in the way that is sorta similar to what you can do in anim editor. Only it is runtim and procedural.

No other questions.

Yes spot on :slight_smile:

Alex, is there a trial available for the indie version? I wish I had signed up for your subscription based license earlier as that was a great opportunity to try out the tool for a month on a low investment. This license price is reasonable, but I’d love to try it out before buying to see if it actually fits my needs.

Things like ease of workflow, stability/performance, (compatibility with skeletons created in Blender not to mention) are things I want to get a feel for first-hand before committing.

Hi VSZ, we are working on a mechanism for this and I will update the community here. Most of the effort is now on porting our full set of middleware to this new indie model, including iOS, tvOS, consoles, etc.

Hi guys, you have asked for a trial of RunTime-Indie and this is now implemented; 14 days trial is available from here


There were some questions about tutorials on foot placemen, this is available here
[http://www.ikinema.com/index.php?mod=documentation&show=184#Foot Placement and Loco Node in UE4](http://www.ikinema.com/index.php?mod=documentation&show=184#Foot Placement and Loco Node in UE4)

Hi alex, just tried the trial version. The unreal editor (4.10.2 github version) failed to startup. (Error message: Plugin ‘IKinema’ failed to load because module ‘IKinemaRigTool’ could not be loaded.)

It seems the “FromSource” folder is incidental with “Launcher” folder, is it possible you package the wrong folder into “FromSource”?

Hi Nate,

Thank you for brining this to our attention. We are working on a fix for this issue. It should be released in the next couple of hours. I will make sure to write back here to let you know.


I just watched the video you put out yesterday where you show the UE4 mannequin on a sloped surface.

Are you guys able to put a video together that shows an example of the climbing ledges example you touch on in your other videos? Having the solver showing the mannequin going through motions such as climbing ledges, stairs or a ladder would be very interesting to a lot of people here.

Hi Nate,

A new version is released on the website, can you please download it and install it as a project plugin rather than an Engine plugin. This should resolve this issue.


I’m having the issue of not seeing my 14 day trial license key on my order page.

The trail key is embedded in the package. After install and enabling the plugin you will be asked to enter a key, if you just click OK, it will proceed with the trail.


I was having a problem when I first opened it. It said that the key was expired, which is why I went looking for the 14 day trial key. But merely closing and re-opening it fixed it. Thanks!

Thanks Ahmed, the updated version works in 4.10. But it still failed to load in 4.11 (github version) now, error message: “Missing or incompatible modules in IKinema plugin…”

Thank you for adding the trial so promptly! Really nice to see such a swift response to that request. I’ve been playing with iKinema for the past two days and am quite impressed with the tools. The integration with UE4 appears tight and I was able to get most behaviors I wanted with a bit of trial and error. Will continue experimenting with the tools in the coming days.

BTW I noticed in the demo assets (IKinemaGame project) that some rigs don’t open up in the iKinema rig editor; it shows a message that the skeleton is missing. Eg: try opening the “Dragon_Bite” rig after downloading the project.

Glad that you find it nicely integrated and managed to get most of your behaviours you wanted working.

Thanks for brining this to our attention. The demo project has been update to fix this issue. You can fix this issue, by selecting the corresponding skeletalMesh in the content browser then from the View menu, you need to select “change asset” this will update the references and load the correct rig


We purchased a couple of licenses this week and I’ve got to say, it’s well worth the purchase. It’s going to take us some time replacing our existing IK work with this but its far less complicated and the results so far have been much better than our previous implementation. Tonight I got the hand tasks working with the Vive motion controls. This was far more difficult than I anticipated but that was due to the unknown offset that needed to be applied to the motion controller transforms. Once that was worked out it worked quite well.

Thanks for making this tool accessible to the indie community!

Works now, thanks again for such a prompt response. Just two more questions before I make my purchase:

  1. I read the license is “node locked”, so what happens if I upgrade my rig - eg: change the motherboard for whatever reason. Would it be possible to transfer to the new rig? The aim is to use one license only on one machine (with periodic hardware upgrades) just to be clear.

  2. I understand that you won’t be updating all versions of Runtime Indie to all upcoming versions of Unreal for practical reasons. However will the latest available version of Runtime indie always be updated to the latest version of Unreal? (to account for API changes/etc). For eg: Runtime Indie v1 should continue to work on 4.11 and beyond as well until Runtime Indie v2 comes out (for which you intend to charge an upgrade fee) - is that correct?

I second NobleSpoon - thanks a lot for making this awesome tool available to the Indie community!

I just tried your IKinemaFootPlacement map and while the foot placement isn’t too bad on the rocky terrain, it really falls apart when going up the stairs. Can you fix the demo map for this particular scenario?

A thing that helped for me was connecting the boolean variable that tells when the character is falling into the “Floor contact” node. So this way the variable is true when in air (jumping, falling), and the jumping occurs normally, and it is false when making contact with the floor, so the inverse kinematics work properly and adjust the positions of the feet/hips.

Hi guys, thanks for the exciting feedback!

on 2) On contrary, we will be updating RunTime-Indie to all upcoming version of Unreal and the tools will be available always for the latest Unreal release! If you are on RunTime-Indie v1 we will be updating this for as long as necessary and if/when we launch RunTime-Indie v2, then all updates to the latest Unreal will be a part of v2.

We don’t want to give the impression that we will be charging all the time; As any other software we will be offering an optional upgrade for point versions v1 to v2 and so on so that it justifies the effort internally.

Have fun using the tools :slight_smile: