IK Retargeter is not retargeting IK bone information

I’m using a custom ik rig solver to constraint the ik bones, #5 Constraint IK Bones - Retarget Paragon TwinBlast to ALS - UE5 - YouTube.

The left over on my plugin is how to handle 2h based overlay states. Then I got everything working on TwinBlast, Mixamo and MetaHuman. :wink:

So far I know exporting and importing the animation will only work for characters that have the same proportions. And of course if it the Epic skeleton hierarchy. For mixamo based characters it will not work. Furthermore I had no luck with MetaHumans.

But it can achieve quite good results with the hands. Sometimes ik retargeting can mess them up.

I managed to get 2400+ Mixamo animations retargeted to UE5’s Manny skeleton using iclone 3dxchange.

So for anyone who owns a license to Iclone and 3dx7, this is a way to go. Download your desired animation packs and convert those to UE5 using 3dxchange.

In the past, Mixamo had an option to download animations and characters rigged to the UE4 mannequin, but unfortunately that option was supressed by Adobe months after the acquisition.

This is because of changing Target IKRig Asset in my case to metahuman RIG :

This apply Auto-Map Chains (Don’t know why…) and you must set all Target Metacarpal and Twist2 to none in Chain source column like said Elijen :

It helps if you post the case number here. Can you look back in your mail history? I think it would be good to sent a reminder or ask for a small clarification. It should be clear for Epic that it is a problem if they look at this post. And if it’s not a bug, we ofocurse would like to know how it’s intended to get it right. I am not seeing anything about it on the roadmap or 5.1 preview release.

I don’t think this is the answer to the question: IK Retargeter is not retargeting IK bone information

It’s a workaround with the use of virtual bones which will only work with same proportions and is still buggy. It does not help me to find the answer to this problem.

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