I want to design a settings screen for my plugin ..Should I use BluePrint or Slate ?


I want to create a settings and a local dialog box for my plugin …

I want to know which would be a better option ? shall I go with slate or BluPrints

Hey @planetsameer! Welcome to the Forums!

There is a bit of nuance in your question, because that is going to depend on your workflow and what you want to do, however, here is a great post on the different use cases for blueprints (UMG) and slate!

I hope the above provides the solution you are looking for!

Thanks for sharing this

Do you suggest I should use a UMG grid panel for the wireframe that I had uploaded ?

Hey @planetsameer,

The grid panel may not be what you are looking for, as the point of the grid panel is to divide space evenly among all of its children.

I hope this post helped you decide what method you are working with, best of luck creating your new plugin window!