I need help with creating rolling credits at the end of my game

I am new to unreal and the blueprint system, I understand it and know how to do a lot with it, but I am very confused on how to make rolling credits play at the end of my game. I know it is something to do with the hud system or the umg, but I can’t figure out how to make it. Is there a way I can make the credits in something like microsoft word and import the file and have it scroll at the end of the game?

i made a seperate widget to call from main menu. inside there used simple text box and keyframe on position Y for sliding effect. my game was for mobile so had to put invisible button covering whole screen, whenever player tapped it would skip credits and go back to menu.

in case you’re wondering why credits is not centered, there’s some stuff on right side of screen so that was my choice.

thank you for the concise yet complete answer

To make it more flexible, the way I managed to do it was to set a number of rolling lines per screen with text boxes in umg, and created animations that rolls them like a circularly linked list. then in blue prints i created a string array with all of the data, and created a for loop that fed the string lines into the textboxes, run animation, delay, and repeat. and if you want it to come from file just create a savegame type blueprint with the string array to load and save to and from.

…if you want to go a level further you can create a custom text file importer to read the lines in from text file

…but then it would no longer be a solution using blueprint, as it does not natively support loading of arbitrary files

a) you can hard code all of the text in a data structure if you want and
b) loading from a text file can be done by extending blueprints via about 10 lines of code. done and done

…in fact, the default example is text file to string blueprint function