I need a good book on game design 101.

Is there a good book for basic games design/programming?

It occurred to me that I don’t even know how NPCs shooting you are coded. Is it a simple if(NPC can see PC == true) { chance of being hit by bullet = 10%;} or is the more complex process, where we simulate the aiming process? (This leaves out how many bullets, having to reload, where they are, and all the other states).

There is so much that I, not being part of a dev community, don’t understand, and, worse, don’t know I don’t know.

So, is there a resource (preferably a book) that would help me do this, and would a book like Game Programming Patterns help me when I will primarily be working in BluePrints?

That’s a tall order.

KaitusStudios created an ebook series on blueprints… but do keep in mind that there are a few dozen parts of game development and game design is not even referring to programming but actually designing a game so it’s fun and engaging and entertaining.

There is gameplay programming which is focusing on gameplay elements and the player (like creating a button you can press to call an elevator) and creating the movement and camera. There is UI design for the interface where the user can get his information. There is AI programmer who focuses exclusively on NPC behavior. Network programmer taking care of the server client communication, all kinds of artists with at least as many different jobs as in programming.

For your specific question: Usually you create a character with certain functions (like shoot, reload) and a lot of variables (ammunition, health, etc). The player simply is provided with those variables in a UI and key bindings for all those functions. An AI controller has exactly the same functions available but is coded to check all around on what to do next and then decides based on a navmesh or movement nodes you setup to indicate good ways to take, if enemys are nearby, if there are more enemys than allies, how much ammunition is left in that clip and so on what to do. Should it fight? Run? Hide, reload and then fight? Weapons are most of the time coded with projectiles. This means you are not just checking if where you are currently aiming at would hit an enemy but you are actually spawning an actor which then flies there. This allows all kinds of modifications in speed, damage to different parts of the body and so on.

Also make sure to take a look at those links (unfortunately not a book ^^):

Here you can find really good videos about game design in general: (highly recommended) :slight_smile:

ExtraCredits is about the design of games themselfs and not as much about the development process. Though I do think that everyone who wants to start even remotely in this direction should watch a good chunk of it and if possible get the chance to meet them somewhere on a convention or such.

It is really worth it. James is just awesome.

Not just UE4, but a sh*t load of info in game/level design can be found here :

Yes, I already have Ryan’s book (and I’m a Patreon of his), and I’m a fan of Extra Creditz. :slight_smile:

I may have explained myself badly. The question about how do I deal with being shot at by NPCs was more to indicate the kind of question I don’t know I don’t know the answer to. (My unknown unknowns :slight_smile: ). I’m not sure where to go to find out the answer. I guess I should mosey along to AnswerHub a bit more often, as and when I think of something. I also really need something to pass the time on the train…

…and the loo. :slight_smile:

These are the two books that I used …

The Art of Game Design: A Book of Lenses

Game Design

… these are not specific to Unreal Engine but are general Game Design books and taught me a ton. I am however no expert … just able to help myself. 8-}