I’m buying a laptop for UE4 development. What do you recommend?

I saw this post by : I’m building my own PC for UE4 development. What do you recommend? - Platform & Builds - Epic Developer Community Forums

Intel Core i7 4930K processor

Intel X79 chipset motherboard



Nvidia GTX 770 video card

But what would people recommend in terms of a laptop?

I move around a lot and would prefer not to be tied to my desk.

I haven’t seen any workstation laptops with 4k screens yet, so I am a bit wary of purchasing one right now…


UPDATE: I’ve looked at the links provided by already and the laptops listed do not perform very well.


I actually created a thread in the UT Forum pointing to the official hardware performance survey thread in the UE4 forum to try to get more people to post, as there was not a lot of information about laptops.

I’d assume there would be some people within Epic or in the community that are using UE4 on laptops.


Hi Learnut,

Here is our performance thread where users post what they are working on and how smooth the experience is:

There are some laptops in there and a couple posted here:

Let me know if you have any other questions and I will be happy to further assist.

Hi ,

I had already looked at the forum you listed and also the wiki. I forgot to include that in my question. Sorry about that.
The performance of the laptops listed is quite poor, in both the forum and wiki which is why I asked the question.

I’d assume there would be some people within Epic or in the community that are using UE4 on laptops.


Designers at Epic like to use Origin, Razer and Alienware laptops. Here are a couple of models that I have seen around the office:


I don’t know what kind of FPS they get with UE4, but they seem to work very well. Let me know if that helps you out.

That does help a bit, but I think it would benefit not just me, but the community at large if you could ask a few of the designers to run the PERFORMANCE TEST IN STARTERMAP that described in the thread and post their results. It takes about 5 minutes to do.

Part of 's performance test is to grab the dxdiag output which would give the actual specification of the machine. This would be the most useful information as then it’d be possible to compare this with the other submitted machines.


Thank you for the feedback Laernut. I agree with you, we could benefit from a “Recommended Laptop Specs” page somewhere. I’ll have a word with our Hardware Compatibility team and see what has been used/tested on in the past.

I manage the wiki, so once I have something together I will add that information to the Recommended Hardware page.

Great , thank you for taking my suggestion on board.

You could try using an external GPU.

Here is Unreal Engine 4 running on a Dell Latitude E6530 laptop with a gen 3 i7 quad core processor using a GTX 960 as an external GPU

Here is the external GPU setup: