I am a classroom teacher looking to add Unreal to 30 student machines. My tech looked at the license agreement and said it was a no-go

Anyone have a link or information I can pass on to my tech to get this started?

As far as i know there are numerous educational institutions that teach UE4, so it’s definitely possible to use it in a school/university. They even heavily encourage it… a quote from here :

Can I teach Unreal Engine 4 in my

Epic Games enthusiastically supports
educational use of Unreal Engine 4!
For detailed information about the
opportunities, see our Academic Use
page. If you’re ready to teach Unreal,
please get in touch and we’ll add you
to our Academic Partners page.

What provisions does the Unreal Engine 4
End User License Agreement (EULA) make
for educational use?

Besides all of the free, friendly, and
accessible terms for general use of
UE4, academic institutions are
authorized to install UE4 on any of
their computers (e.g. in computer
labs), and all users of those
computers can access the engine

Is there any particular reason why your tech said no to the license agreement? Did he/she/they give you any reason?

I don’t really get how your tech would say no after looking at the license. Epic gives UE4 away for free, so there is no obligation, and you can install it on every computer you like. The only real obligation for you and your school comes if your courses/students UE4 final projects/games were to be sold for money (in which case you’d have to give Epic Games some part of the profit). But i assume that’s not the case here,you just want to use it for the sake of education and not profit, so there is, in my opinion, no reason why your tech should say no because of something in the license.

If you need any info for academic licenses, here are some links with some info regarding UE4 and education

Thanks for sharing the links Stefan. I came here to say exactly this.

smolarek, make sure your tech especially reviews the 3rd link for recommended installation practices.