Huge RPG styled landscape showcase WIP

Awesome stuff. What kind of lighting did you use? Dynamic or Static? :slight_smile:

Thank you all for the kind words. It really pushes me to keep working on it.

@ StJimmy: The Lighting is dymanic. I couldnt live without a dynamic day/night system :>.

At the moment im rebuilding the landscape itself again. The heightmap i genereted was only 8k for a 16 by 16 km area and that doesnt give me the detail i want. Im going for 16k now and hope that this will give the landscape another edge. One thing i cant get my head around is, that the streaming distance multiplayer in the landscapeproxys doesn’t do anything. No matter what value i put in, the landscapemelting always starts at the same distance with the same rate. When i create a single Landscape with 1 heightmap it all works fine. Maybe someone with insight could explain me what im doing wrong xD.

Any plans for gameplay eventually?

Did I unserstand your problem correctly? You are getting some issues with culling when using level streaming? If so, you can load and unload your chunks using blueprints. I work with huge landscapes made using WM and for me, the default load and unload seem to work OK. I place environment assets in such a way that the player does not see the culled land. Sometimes, I make use of proxies to create an illusion of those culled land. I am not a master in level streaming, but I found some hacks to kind of fake some landmasses before the actual terrain gets loaded. I dont know if this is what you were asking or it will help, but if you have more questions, feel free to ask. :slight_smile:

Also, can I ask? Did you use any of the DFGI or HFGI in your scene? The lighting is pretty badass man! Are you generating distance fields at all?

Yes, there are plans. I have alot of ideas how the combat- and questsystem should look like. But thats only as far as i can go since i am no programmer. I have a friend who im currently trying to get hyped for this. He is in the gamingbuissnes for quite some time and he knows alot of people and can coordinate things. In the longrun if all works like i imagine we are going for a gammeplayprototype wich is then send out to get funding to make the real thing.
So far this is only in theory.
If all goes down the pipe i will probably make the assets available on the unreal market or something. But i hope it won’t come to this :(.

Im really really ambitious about this project, but i also know that this is a huge, almost impossible thing to finish. “IF” there is any future in it, it is inevitable that a whole company has to be build around it. Because Skyrim was to small for me XDDDDDD.

Well one thing is clear, that i want to use unreal for that.

The culling isn’t the issue. I can see always all the landscapegeometry. What i meant was that the tris get reduced over distance. And although i have a parameter for that, it doesnt change anything when i change the values in contrast to the “not tiled” landscapes where it all works like a charm.

im using the experimental dynamic gi. Im amazed how fpsfriendly that is. But i dont use the movable skylight. The aoshadows look horrible until you make the resolution of the distance fieldd extremely high and then the performance goes down the toilet. So im using the stationary skylight with tweaked standart ao to give it a more realistic look.

Works like a chharm for me though it might not be the correct way to do it. Again im more of a visual than technical guy.

If what I hear is correct, then when you turn the world composition on, make sure you create levels that have the streaming distance “turned off”, then it will not cull at all. You can then build a blueprint for distance streaming to customize to your level.

I think you are talking about LODs. It happens without doing anything (I think).

Ah, so you are using experimental DFGI, but how can you get that GI? From what I know, If you don’t set skylight movable, DFGI wont work.

Thanks for the tipp i will try it out.
@StJimmy: I get the dynamic indirect from the directional light. As far as i know the skylight doesnt even support dynamic gi (lightbouncing). It just creates shadows based on the skysphere and other objects around it.

May I suggest you make a stereo spherical map video or even a few static scenes that be enjoyed with a VR headset. If you don’t have the time to convert the video into a Google YouTube over/under stereo pair 360 video, I can do it for you, credit you and link to your web page/YouTube channel. These really are well done and could see these being wonderful way to promote the spherical plug-in and your work. I have also been able to take static images directly into NVIDIA’s new VR Viewer app meant to be used with their new Ansel feature in upcoming games (is this a plug-in for UE4 yet?). You can contact me at if you are interested. Have you already added audio?

Geez I’d love to learn how to get my lighting to look like yours. Nice work!

Awesome !!

Hi there again,

sorry guys for the long wait. I was really busy the last week so i wasnt able to post anything. BUT alot of sleepless nights and i finally got my new landscape. Its not nearly where i want it to be in terms of detail but im quite happy with the overall cartography. The terrain is 12kmx12km big so its 1.5 times bigger than the old version.
One thing that really boggles me though is the tiled landscapestreaming in ue4. I can’t get any information on how to stream the tiles so i dont get bad fps. Im using 1009x1009 res /12x12 tiles and though i optimized everything i could (i.e. shader textureresolution), i cant get over 30 fps with all tiles active… The levelstreaming distance is of no help since the features of my landscape should be visible at all times. Thats the reason i want it that big; that you get this vast feeling. I also couldnt get any information on why i need to manually load every tile when i start my editor. Isn’t there a way to make it load automatically? Well as you can see i still have alot of performanceissues to resolve and i have no idea how. If there is any tilestresming guru out there who is willing to give me any tipps, i would be very happy.

Differnt topic: For all the people who are reaching out to me for tutorials and help via pm and forums. As i said i will post some breakdowns in the future but for now that isn’t my priority.
And for the people who want me to work for them or collaborate with me. I am currently not taking joboffers. Collaboration to promote vr and other stuff will be possible in the future but not with the state my landscape is in. Im not happy with it yet and i dont want to deliver unfinished things. Alot of the assets need polish and better lods so until i haven’t finished this yet i cant provide any usable 360 degree footage or images.

I don’t want to dissapoint you guys and the landscape simply isn’t ready for any “final” showcase or project. I know that i’m slow but im only one person currently working on it and i simply don’t have the time to deal with multiple requests. Everything in time.

Anyway enough talking here are the screenshots.


regards Maxi

Hi there,

new set of screenshots. I improved the textures and some treelods as well reverting back to an older landscapeversion since tiled landscapes dont provide enough control and framerates are hell.
Hope you like it.


where did you get the textures did you get them form google and then photoshop ?
pleas help me becaus its a strugel for me to find good textures

but by de way its a good looking enviroment man you have skilss

Partly i googled them. Partly i got them from But there is a limit on how much you can download as a free user and as well a resolution limit. So i mostly took the pictures where there are more variants available and put the lower res images together to a bigger sized one. Then i used the nvidia plugin for photoshop to get normals. But i just recently started to use zbrush to actually paint out my own textures with real geometry. I did that for the stone i.e. but i will slowly try to replace all my textures with this method because the normals and heightmaps/displacementmaps u get from that are without comparison.

It looks gorgeous to me!

But I’m more of a Game Designer so I’ll leave the technical art part to those who can speak about it.

But I had something in mind while looking at your picture. Level Design & composition. What makes RPG landscape great is that they manage to both be beautiful and lead the player to the right spot.

I’ll just leave a link here and if you’d like to dive more into level design composition you can start right here.

For an example:
That picture:


(as a player)
Where should I be looking at? Where should I go? What paths allow me to go that way? etc…

Have a good day, keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Beautiful work gou! I first saw your Eordar video on Twitter and it’s amazing to see the updates you have posted. Keep up the amazing work :smiley:

looks great!
How big was the landscape?

He stated in his post it was 12km by 12km