HTML5 Network Connections Crashing/Freezing Server

When using the experimental WebSocket netdriver it is freezing or crashing the server at random times.

First couple clients connect but eventually the server stops responding to events and clients can no longer connect.

I have two logs that may be relevant but I am not sure. In local environments the dedicated server will stop outputting any client connection events as if it is frozen - no errors will be logged. These logs are from PlayFab sessions.

link text

Second log


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I will submit shortly!

I think this is the issue.

how is the server launched as? (i.e. what arguments did you use with it)

and how many players did you try connecting to the server with?

In a local environment which is the log screenshot above I only use -log

In the PlayFab environment their standard is:

-game_id=<game_id> -game_build_version=<game_build_version> -game_mode=<game_mode> -server_host_domain=<server_host_domain> -server_host_port=<server_host_port> -server_host_region=<server_host_region> -playfab_api_endpoint=<playfab_api_endpoint> -title_secret_key=<title_secret_key> -custom_data=<custom_data> -ABSLOG=<log_file_path> -output_files_directory_path=<output_files_directory_path> -batchmode

I have had this crash happen with only one client connecting and multiple clients.

i think you’re missing the Map name parameter for the game server. see the following link for details:

(scan for MapName from the link)