How would I add a custom camera actor to a matinee?

Hey All,

I’m wondering how I would add my custom camera actor to a matinee? I have create a camera actor and added some components to it and now I want to add it to a matinee. My goal here is to do a cut scene through the eyes of a character.

Any thoughts?

Select the camera and go into your matinee, right click to create new director group, then create a new camera group. This should be tied to the camera you have selected. You can find more information about matinee here:

Ah, this makes sense.

I actually found an easier way to do it that makes a bit more sense to me. You can just right click the camera group in the matinee editor and go to actors and manage it from there. that seems to work well for me.

I couldn’t get the way you were describing to work but this was seems to work for me.