How to set the scrollbox child button size?


I’m trying to adjust the size of a child button in the scrollbox, unfortunately I haven’t found out how to do it.

If I do not add buttons dynamically, it is very easy to do so using the image size



I’m sure there’s some kind of slot you can cast to to get that option but I couldn’t tell you which one :slight_smile:

I can however recommend using a size box. It looks like you have a button in a separate user widget you spawn. Wrap the elements of that user widget inside of a size box and make it a variable. You can set the width and height overrides on it directly then after you add it to your scrollbox.

Thank you!

i have additional quastion: How can i make extra buttons to scroll the scrollbox-contents up and Down, instead of using the scrollbar?

“Up button pressed scroll e.g. 1 cm upwards and vice versa”