How to separatly move static meshes placed by a blue print from inside a blueprint

I have made a blue print for a door made up of multiple pieces which must move out of the way when the player moves into a collision box. The collision box, a particle system and 4 parts which make up the door are all contained within the same blueprint. I have everything set up perfectly in my construction script but can’t figure out how to move these meshes after they are placed. I’ve tried putting them into an array but didn’t have much luck. I’m starting to think I might have to do this with a matinee or multiple blueprints instead.

This is the bulk of my construction script.

You will need to use timelines to move them. Also, you will likely want to have the static meshes as components of one object(if you don’t already) which makes everything easier to deal with. See these tutorials:

The process used for doors is pretty much the same process used for any other objects in this scenario.

Thank you for the help. I was able to get my blueprint to work by combining this with arrays of the mesh components and their locations.