How to save and load all the information of a game ?

It does many months I use UE4 and I would like to make a save/load system for my RPG. The problem is I would like to save/load MyCharacter’s stats, but equally TreasureBox’s stats, CheckpointGame or many others. I think it becomes quickly complicated (I’m only able to save and load one object’s stats) so I think it’s not the good solution.
Thanks for all.
PS: Please sorry for my English, I’m French.

What you want is a Struct variable. This is a data structure that can carry loads of information of various types with it.

Official Epic tutorial

Tutorial I found useful when learning these

Another tutorial that looks like basically what you need

Thanks, I’ll see that now.

Salut Charognard,

Il y a juste tout ce qu’il te faut dans la doc Officielle :slight_smile:

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Merci ! Je pense avoir trouvé la solution.

Ok parfait.

Hey, you could see my video on the save game system, If you comment, I’ll make dedicated videos for you guys. The channel is called Gamium Gamers. You could check my video out. Please feel free to comment and ask for videos .

Hi, I was stuggling with this for a bit and still learning best way to do it. I’ve create a wiki page showing what i’ve setup so far if it might help with your setup in anyway:

Feel free to offer any suggestions to update the page or clarify anything if you want :slight_smile: