how To rotae a sub component mesh bases on forward axis input acceleration.

Basically I have a flying vehicle based off the flying template.
I have a Main hull mesh with a socket that I’ve attached a sub mesh too, and I want that sub mesh to rotate to a maximum of 90 degrees to the rear when acceleration is applied & 10 degrees facing forwards when reverse is applied, all based on an axis input.
So the more acceleration I apply the more the sub mesh rotates to the maximum value of 90 degrees. facing backwards

Ps: the rotation needs to be local/central to the socket and stay connected to the ship, not rotate around the ship as these are engines thrusters.


AddRelativeRotation() node is what you need, apply it to sub-component itself.

Thanks I will try that when I get back home. :slight_smile:

I did add AddRelativeRotation but had mixed results. at first it was spinning really fast and then I managed to get it to rotate to 90 degrees but it happend as soon as Applied forwards thrust input axis i setup. then it stayed stuck there :(.
Nothing I managed to do caused it to move in relation to what I was doing with the left analog stick On the game pad im using.
But ive seen this and am wondering if this in the answer

Eventually I want the Vtol thrusters ive attached to the Ship im flying to rotate as I apply more thrust on the HOTAS flight stick throttle Until at maximum thrust they are horizontal propelling the ship forwards.
like in this image

Thank you for more detailed explanation on what you want to achieve. I do something very similar for steering of control surface on airplane:

This function is called on Tick event.
“Vertical Steering Axis Value” is your user input from -1 to 1
“Max Elevator Steering Angle” will be 90 degrees in your case
InterpSpeed in FInterp to Constant node is how fast rotation should happen

Thanks for the picture, I got almost all of this done but cant figure out the node between (elevator) & (FInterp to Constant) is
Im still a BP noob for the most part.

This is GetRelativeRotation node, it is simply collapsed into components, similar to “BrakeRotator” node. Just right click on output pin of GetRelativeRotation node, which should be a Rotator structure, if nothing is connected to it then you should see an option to split output.

Me again.
Iv’e tried everything to add the (GetReletiveRotation) node But I cant seem to find it.
Anything I try to do results in Not compatible.

UPDATE: MANAGED TO ADD IT Just not working at the moment.

One thing I have noticed is my original description is slightly wrong, I discoverer that I don’t have the thrusters on a socket. They are just parented , Must have been thinking of a previous attempt .

OK I got this working .But used a different method . Only issues iv’e got are they are spinning round really fast Continuously and the Jet fumes are not moving with them.

I guess I would have to parent them or place them on a socket for that to happen.