How to replace the blue guy with a custom character

I have looked at the tutorials and the manual but I can not find a starting point to replace the blue base character.

Hey Shoiko,

You might find the information you’re looking for in this section of the First Person Shooter Tutorial on the wiki:

Hope that helps get you started!

Ben Halliday

Go the the Blueprints button on the top of the project (Or search in your Content Browser).

Find the MyCharacter blue print, open it up. It will open up the blueprint, On the top-right, go to Componants and where it says Mesh (Or BlueChar or whatever) on the left hand side, click it.

Now scroll down the details pane and find “Mesh: Blahblah” and replace it with the mesh you want to use.

Thanks both of you i will get this started!

I did not even know that the wiki had tutorials as well thank you!