How to put character in empty map?

On the classes tab, just drag the Player Start to the place you want to have your player in the level once it get started

i have a map that im building and it was from a tutorial and they used the blank map which I don’t mind but I don’t know how to add in the character. or what would work for me as well is if I could bring my somewhat built building in a new map which has the skydome and everything. and a side question what are the units in unreal engine 4?

Units are centimeters in UE4.

Hi matt2405,

A good place to start would be the 3rd Person Blueprint tutorials we have on the Wiki. You can also use these same techniques for a 1st person character as well. Another place to look into would be the pre-made templates that come with the editor. Just choose either code or blueprint and see how we did it.

Thanks, TJ