how to play matinee clicking on blueprint actor?

Hi, i only know how to play a matinee using a trigger box but i need to play it clicking on a blueprint actor. I created a button in a widget blueprint and i need it to work. Please help!

You have 2 tasks: play matinee, detect if box was clicked,

First make box blueprint, (search tuutorial or find yourself) how to play matinee from blueprint. Create function in box blueprint that plays matinee when its called.

Now detecting clicks. Enable mouse interface (again google it, there are docs).
Then read this answer: How to Trace from screen mouse position to target in Blue Print - Programming & Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums

With hit result, break it and check if your box blueprint is actor that got click.

thank you for answering but i need more info

In your player controller you have to enable the mouse controls, like mouse clicks. Then in your blueprint add a On clicked event for the mesh or collider you wanna use and in that event connect your play matinee

All info you need was covered in tutorials and documentations, there is no point of me doing it again on forum when you have video tutorials and documentation on internet.
If you do not watch tutorials (and follow them) you will have next questions in few days, i know learning unreal at first is very steep, but there are no free meals, either you learn or you don’t.

So kick self out of your comfort zone and do stuff you maybe dislike.

No need to start flame and i don’t need any free meal, but it’s even useless to say “google it” as you did (anyone is able to do it). Maybe i’m asking on the forum because it’s days that i’m searching for info, reading and watching but i haven’t found anything yet and what i tried it didn’t work. So i will wait for real answers or at least for some links if it’s not too much. Thank you again.

So i’m trying something again… i created a matinee, then a button as widget blueprint and then added the widget as component in blueprint actor and placed it in the level. I clicked on “OnClicked” but i can’t move the matinee in the event graph

Split your task into 2 separate, tackle with single problem at once, not both together.

First get mouse to work and get your click results:

Whole documentation how to enable mouse interface:

When it works you need to use node “get hit result under cursor”. Then you break result blue node, and check what actor type you clicked on. Hint: you can also check what physical material you clicked, this can be used to “mark” actors that should respond to clicking (if you do not want to create separate blueprints for those actors).

Second part is playing matinee:

Creating matinee tutorial:

I think you can play matinee only from player pawn/controller (not quite sure here). So make matinee and then function to play it that you can call later.
When you can play matinee, it is time to make it all work together.

Easiest way is when you detect clicking in player controller (or pawn). Then You either check actor class or use that physical material trick. When actor class (or phys material) matches you play matinee.

Also you want to do UMG button, so watch this UMG tutorial:
But first make everything working without UMG.

Thank you, i really appreciate your help but it’s not exactly what i’m searching. I wasn’t that clear so i will explain better with some screenshots.
I created a widget blueprint button, then i added it as component in a blueprint actor that i placed in the level.
This is what i did in the blueprint widget at first and in the actor blueprint after that.
I click on the button actor in game but matinee still doesn’t start.



I am kind of lost to what may be cause of this problem. So you need to find which part of this setup does not work. I know my questions seem to be redundant but it is easiest way to debug things.
When I have problems like this i always try to split checking to smallest parts possible, then rule out parts what work.

So i have few questions:

  1. in “tasto1” blueprint can you check if that event is called? Just add print node there that says “event works” or something.
  2. check if “tasot1” value of “MatineeActor” is not “None”. There is node that checks it but i forgot name.
  3. Add keyboard event (for eg spacebar) and when pressed trigger that play matinee in “tasto1” blueprint. (i see you play with dispatchers so this should be no problem).

Edit also this is what i found:
"Make sure it’s in level blueprint and the matinee data along with whatever is animated is in the scene, event begin play should work. Troubleshooting you could attach a print node to the event being play to make sure it’s actually being fired, if not then could be something to do with your matinee data, you could toggle cinematic mode too if it’s with cameras.

If still stuck, try a new scene with the same data, and then create a new one.

It has worked fine my end, haven’t found any bugs thus far and I have been using it extensively."

im amazed no one can answer this simple question…we simply need a matinee to play once a button has been clicked. not all tht unnecessary info about showing mouse cursor and whatever. We click a button and an animation plays, why when we click a button a Matinee wont play?? I dont get this…