How to open (In Game) a specific folder path thru a console command or BP?

I have made a Level blueprint that I can take a Hires Screenshot (ke * rendertextures) with a press of a button
now I want to open a folder window where the screenshots where saved.

basically I want this:

In Game press P > screenshot is taken > then automatically opens the folder where the screenshot was saved.


Have a look at these.

I hope it helps.

thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

but I still couldn’t figure it out how to open a folder directory :frowning:
I don’t wanna plugins, I’m sure there’s a command line thru bluprint to just open an folder directory,
I’m still looking how to do it…

Did you ever manage to figure this out Almajority?

i got it !

its will open the folder where every save is , you just have to append the “get save directory” with the name of the folder where the screenshot is taken.


The link is no longer working…