How to make more distance between items?

He there! Someone pls help me. I have two variants for realise script-spawn my chairs. In first variant i use that blueprint:

First Variant

In second variant i use that blueprint:

Second variant

Results of spawn:


Left - first variant
Right - second variant

First variant is fine and i think more better solution for realise my tasks. but i have not normal space between chairs. How i can make space spawn between objects like in second variant?

While Chair is close of another chair, do not spawn.

There’s probably as many ways of approaching this as there are people. I’d start with an actor that can do something basic:

And then take it further step-by-step until you’re satisfied with what it spits out.

The above would spawn them in a uniform grid but you can offset them with chaos and optionally skip some elements. Just by changing the variables, you can get a pretty random result without anything ever overlapping.

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Also Sobol Sequence is in the engine:


It’s just utterly undocumented… So you’d need to crack that first.

tThx for reply! Very good idea. But im not understand about my blueprints. Why in the my first varian i have not normal space between chairs?

Not 100% sure, but why translate localworld if you can simplify it to this:

why translate localworld

Is it because of rotation?

Why, out of my two options, the results of object distribution are different in each of the spawn options?

Extents are always positive so you’re creating a positive bias towards the centre, never allowing the randomisation to go negative.

You probably meant this:

edit: I’d multiply the result by .5. Just be mindful of random evaluation if consistency matters in this instance.