How to make items stay in the same location after the pickup?,How to make objects pickupable?

hi everyone because i want to make items not rotating after grabbing them like after i grab item its rotating when i move camera but i want to make it be in the same location and not moving, like in the hello neighbor.


There is hello neighbor image


I mean i have pickuping for physics object and i want them to be in the same location when the player moves the camera and make it not rotating

Heres the grabbing blueprint

Can you clarify better what you are attempting to do? I don’t understand the mechanics you are going for. You want to “pick up” and item in the world and then what? Have the item remain in the same place on the screen as the player moves around? Stay in the same place in the world? Do you just want to spawn the same item in the same place every time? Also are you having trouble creating an item to pick up in the first place?

Screenshots of your set-up and the problem would be helpful. How are you “picking up” items? Are you attaching them to a player character? Do you need to simulate physics on the items once they are picked up? If not you can simply disable physics on pick up. You can also set momentum, inertia, velocity, gravity etc on the objects to change how they are affected during player movement. I just don’t know enough about your set-up to really help you figure out how to do what you want to do.

I have not done something like this personally, but if you haven’t come across this tutorial it may be helpful. Step 7-F discusses what you are talking about I believe with keeping the object stationary.

Try move it to a Scene