How to make a Blueprint Quiz Game


I am a university student and very new to Ue4 and Blueprint scripting. I have been given a project which requires me to produce a quiz based game using the UE4 system.

I need to produce an on screen Question, which I believe could be created with the UMG feature? This will then have 3 answer boxes in which the user can click and select the correct answer. The user will then be taken to a final screen with their score. I have spent many hours trying to get my head around this, but can’t find any examples of a quiz game/select able items on screen.

Any help of advice would be much appreciated.

Hi ,

It will require some modification, but try taking a look at this NPC dialogue tutorial I wrote up. It shows you how to transfer text to UMG, setting up buttons, etc.

how make open door when player near from door and answer questions can help me

You should create a new thread for this.