How to i create a standalone dedicated server exe file

I was wondering, how do i create a standalone .exe dedicated server there are a few unreal wiki tutorials but so far ive had no luck and they don’t do a good job on explanation. Also ive been told that when you build and package a project, the game.exe is a server and client combined and i would like to split the files like minecraft so it is a server.exe and a client.exe thanks for anybody who takes the time to answer :slight_smile:

So i guess you used this?

What problem you have with it?

when it says “the executable will end up in /Binaries//Server. Move the executable over to ///binaries/” i cant find that location in cooked, let alone i get an error saying it cant find somthing, but even after i tried it again from scratch it doesnt even work it just creates the client

Here’s how I did it: piinecone — Building a dedicated server in Unreal Engine 4. I think there are some issues with my process but I was able to get to a functioning standalone dedicated server executable.