How to get the right measures to get started

Hi all,

First of all, via self education,and that means lots of reading and looking video’s i try to understand the Engine 4.
I want to make a floor to get started wich will meaure 25 by 25 meters.
When the programm starts it give me a sample floor, but how do i know what the measurment of this floor is or how can make a floor of that size ?

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I’d suggest looking at tutorials like on the wiki:

And to answer that question, it’s actually pretty obvious; the units in the editor are given in centimetres.

Also keep in mind that the blue template guy is around 190cm tall + that you can measure things in the orthographic view :slight_smile:


The size of the blue man, i know.
Sending me to the wiki, is obviouse, but i will not ask here if i could find it there :slight_smile:
Perhaps i overlooking it…

if you mean the square floor in the default blank level its size is 1000x1000x50, its a static mesh so you can right click>find in content browser and then open it and see the size in the mesh viewer, you could also do what fighter said and use the measuring tool or delete the floor mesh and then just make a brush the size you want and convert it to a static mesh, although the easiest/best way to make things the right size is model it in a 3D app.

hope that helps:)


Excellent !
That’s a lot all :slight_smile:

I found it.
I just mist that little selector where you can expand all the view ports…OOoow…(feeling stupid)
Because i have a Logitech wireless mouse, I see a zoommode comes up. This is due the mousedriver. Kill the Logitech mouseprogramm and now i can measure in orthographic view !!

Iám such a vergin to 3d <lol>
Anyway again, thanks a lot.


Super tuturial video’s !

Thx. When you want to see other good tutorials, make sure to take a look at the ones from tesladev :slight_smile: