How to get the player to teleport to the collision point of a projectile?

Also, looks like you are doing this in the Level BP by your references. Which really isn’t where this should be and probably why you are having trouble finding the right nodes and overlap events. You need to set this up in the projectile BP.

Is this how it should look?

  1. This “should” work, but ONLY if you hit “Wall4”…And
  2. What Overlap event are you calling for this exactly? Who is the actor you are checking overlaps on?
  3. Is this in the level BP? Because this really should be in the projectile BP

My suggestion, is open the projectile BP…recreate this exact thing in the projectile BP. So select your projectile mesh in the components tab at the top left, then look to the bottom right details panel you will see green boxes with a “+” the second one should say “on component begin overlap”. Click that one. It will automatically create the red overlap box event. If you want this to work on walls, enemies friendlies etc basically anything in your world you don’t need to check if the “other actor” == anything because you want it to always work no matter what you hit. Then simply use the set up you have with set actor location. However, I would break the “sweep result” (right click and say split struct) then look for “hit location” and use that to set your actor location. Otherwise this will only work if you hit an “actor” not a random “wall” for example.

Is this the split block?


Huh? haha where did you get that node from?? No, right click on the “sweep result” pin on the overlap event you have in your above screen shot. And ask it to split or break (maybe it says break) struct.

Also check out may answer way back up at the top. I have a screen shot of what works. Change the “hit” event to your overlap event and you should be good.

When you break/split the bottom pin of the overlap event by right clicking on it, you should see an option for hit location that’s what you use in my above screen shot.

I can’t get the “Target” and “SetWorldLocation” blocks.

Drag out from the get player character node return pin and search for set world location. It should give you all possible options, select the capsule component.

It finally worked! I thank y’all for helping me.

No problem, glad you got it working finally.