How to create dynamic destruction in UE4?,How can I create a dynamic destruction like in this video?

I’ve been struggling for this since last week and I can’t seem to find clear tutorials to create a dynamic destructible in UE4. I know that I can use Nvidia Apex but I can’t seem to make my desired output.
What I would like to know is how to do something similar to this video:

Thank you for your help and time!


I think that this tutorial will help you.

Thank you! The first video got me on track on how to do it!
Any further help from the others would be appreciated!
I hope this will help other people too!
Anyway, Thank you

The videos that Svv3dUDN are definitely a good starting point and should be followed if you’re not all that familiar with setting up DMs.

To do what’s in the video is not all that difficult. It’s simple combination of settings in the DM and adding a particle system to the DM that spawns when a chunks is destroyed.

For the setup above you would want to focus on these settings:

  • Damage Threshold: Find a value that works for your weapon(s). If it’s too low, try a slightly higher value until you get something you like.
  • Flag: World Support: enabled: This will allow the DM to stick to the ground or any static world geometry that it’s in contact with.
  • Support Depth: set this to 1. This is one of the more important options. This will allow the chunks to stick together until they’ve received enough damage (Damage Threshold) to break free.
  • Crumble Smallest Chunks If you’re using a particle system this one is handy. What will happen is when the chunk has receive more than enough damage it will be destroyed (removed from the scene) and be replaced by the particle system.
  • Assign a smoke particle system to the DM under the Skeletal Mesh section

This should be enough to get your setup and going to simply do what’s going on in the video.

If you’re confused about how a feature works, just hover over the text in the settings panel and you’ll see a tooltip that describes how it works.

I hope this helps.



Also adding here the Troubleshooting and Tips Wiki for Destructibles that I wrote a little while back. It’s got a bunch of common questions that people ask with regards to working with Destructibles. :slight_smile:

Okay! Thank you so much for the help!! I hope this will help other people too!

Can you please help me answer this question. I know it’s kinda long, but just read it please.

Can you provide more details about the crumble smallest chunks? Specifically, what do you mean by, “has receive more than enough damage”? Is that corresponding to the Damage Threshold or after fracturing is there a different parameter?