how to create a widget for an architectural project?

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I am in a confusion watching too many blueprint videos so my posts also bit confusing…:slight_smile: sorry for that
how to create a widget for an architectural project?

Create buttons for open floor plans and media(animation film).

If I asked you how to create user interface buttons for a puzzle game with 4 moving pieces, what would you advise me? :slight_smile: [HR][/HR]
Your question is so incredibly vague that it’s nearly impossible to provide a half-decent answer, sorry. I’ll try anyway.

You clearly have a vision here - consider drawing it on a piece of paper first - a conceptual design of how an interface should look like, roughly; and make annotations regarding desired functionality and interactivity.

The only answer I could offer at the moment based on what you’ve detailed would be: create a canvas with *Horizontal */ Vertical Boxes, wrap them with Borders and populate with Buttons and Text Blocks; hook up the buttons’ OnClick events to the media and object references in the Level Blueprint. Somehow I doubt it helps you much :expressionless:

Since you’re going to have multiple levels, it’s probably a good idea to look into Event Dispatchers that can dynamically bind to objects in the levels. So the same widget can be used in any level without having to hard-code everything by hand.

I took some liberty and looked at your question here but I’m still unsure what you’re trying to build. Is the widget you’re showing something you’ve created or something you want to make? I’m confused because someone answered your question in detail and you flagged it as resolved.

Also, I answered someone else’s question regarding level & cameras interaction- sounds like something you should be able to take advantage of.

Did you have a chance to look at the documentation for UMG? Tutorial can be often too specific and contain too much information you simply do not need. YT saturation is both a blessing and a curse.

Thank you for your detailed reply.

ok Let me put on this way.

I have attached 3 images, first Level is similar to the first image, its just an exterior of my building. I am able to orbit, Zoom in and out with the blueprint, which is created by one of our supporter AlFlakky (I downloaded from his post). and the same level I have widget like shown in the image, it has options as floor plans, Views, interiors, Rooftop and Film.

  1. I have created 2 levels as one is Interior and another is the roof top. I am able to switch between the 3 levels using open level function.

  2. I need guidance to create a button to open Views, a button to open Film( animated Video) and a button to open Floor plans.

I don’t know what Views are - a camera that points at something or an image?
I don’t know what *Floor plans *are - assuming that it’s just a static picture: have a Button Widget and an Image Widget - button’s onClick sets the Image Widget’s data
Playing videos in UMG has been done too many times to describe it here.

[quote=“Everynone, post:6, topic:125619”]

I don’t know what Views are - a camera that points at something or an image?
I don’t know what *Floor plans *are - assuming that it’s just a static picture:

yes there are set of static pictures( 20) and I can not have to use one button to open one picture.

lets say 20 static pictures can be open by slide show button clicking on next.

You could do it like so:

My problem with this is that it has been done and demonstrated 100s of times before… The same method is actually already in the link I included 2 posts above :expressionless:

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this what I am looking for… I will do now and Can you paste the link for(a button to open Film( animated Video))… I have checked the UMG , I could not find.

It’s *literally *the first video in the YT link I posted.

Hi Everyone,

I have fallowed your instructions and finally outcome is showing the attachment, I am not able find the integer name Nextimage. Could you please help me in this?

Do You have any video tutorials for this?

You need to create the variable yourself.

Finally I have created so far, please have a look on attachments.

Everything is fine and the Video is playing fine. I have added integer value 4.Only the issue is when i click on the floor plans button (Image 4), displaying like that and I am not able to play next image…an can you help in this ?

Good stuff, well done!

This should be, ideally, set to -1 as seen here; when you click the button for the first time, it adds 1 and becomes 0, fetching the very first element from the array.

Does it mean you cannot cycle through the images at all? Can you put a Print String node after the Set Brush and see if it’s firing.

Thank You Very much Mate,

Its working …can we create a button to next image… instead of click on the floorplanes button to get the next image?

Not sure if I follow… just place a new button and connect it to the script instead of the Floors button.

good morning @Everyone,

I am really thank full to you to read my posts and give the answers patiently. Today I opened my project and played as usual and blueprint showing some error on the image 127, so i deleted the image reference and try to link up a new one, but not able find.please have a look at the attachment.

If you removed one, add it back in the designer. Just drag it from the list and its reference will appear on the variable list.

Should I add a variable type as Image

Added Image variable, when fire it Print screen is working

Thank you its working fine now.