How to create a flying side scroller game with blueprints?


I would like to know how to create a side scroller flying game with blueprints, where my character would be able to fly up and down and at the same time the character is continuously flying forward, as the player must control the character up and down to avoid obstacles.

Please i just cant figure out how to do it. thx

Hm, well.

Set up your pawn to have side camera that follows him, constantly add movement input in the required direction, and move up/down when requested…

To get you started, there are templates available, both side-scroller and flying games. Take side-scroller as your project base and see how flying pawn is done in the flying game template.

Hello, CmsToxic.

It sounds like you’re having trouble getting started with blueprints. Here are a few blueprint tutorials to help get you used to using blueprints:

Once you’re used to blueprints, you can get started on your sidescroller. The ‘trick’ with a game like that is that since your character is flying, but the camera is centered on them, you don’t have to actually move the character forward. The character can just move up and down while the background and obstacles move, creating the illusion that your character is moving forward.

That means you only have to set up your character’s vertical movement. Doing that with blueprints should be pretty basic once you get used to them. For an example of character movement, you can look at the blueprint for ‘MyCharacter’ in the Content Browser of Unreal Engine 4. It should be available on many of the premade maps such as StarterMap.

Good luck,


Hi, thx Jonathan

But how would I be able to scroll the entire level?

You could have the background just move slowly in the opposite direction that the character is ‘moving’, or you could do what BiggestSmile suggested and have your character constantly move to the right and the level stay still.

To make the background objects move, you could set a ‘Tick’ event (which happens every frame) that moves the objects a small distance. There are many ways to do this sort of thing with blueprints.