How to change the view to third person?


i have a mesh attached to my player Blueprint (i still have to learn how to use state machine etc) But i’d like to know a way setting up the camera view as third person (like overlord / kingdom of amalur) and have a ability to change the view with moving the mouse. I haven’t touched on the camera. As all i see is most of my screen off my character and can’t really see much and would find it easier to have it third person than first person xD

i also done all the settings e.g movement on my own without no default player etc p.s i only use bluescrips :stuck_out_tongue:


Please check the ‘Third person template’ example project. It already does everything you asked for.

Create a new project and select ‘Third person template (Blueprint)’ as your base.

in this tutorial, Zack will work through step by step for how you can setup a third person character from scratch and adding controls for game play

Don’t worry found out myself he’s tutorials doesn’t explain things very well, wish there were more videos about importing own models , attaching weapons, damage system etc. i’ve just placed a simple camera into the scene now have to learn how to rotate it when moving mouse xD