How to call and bind engine plugin function to bluprint?

In C++ how would I call a function from a module within an engine plugin, then expose it to blueprints?

I can already create functions from scratch, and expose them to blueprints, but the issue I’m running into here is exposing an existing function as a blueprint from an engine plugin. “void UnregisterActor(AActor InActor);” within “AnimationSharingManager.h*”.

UAnimationSharingManager | Unreal Engine Documentation

From what I can gather, I need to setup my project’s C# build file to be able to include a specific directive in my header, then I can inherit from the plugin’s classes?

Or if the module function is setup properly, I can use an API macro?

I’m struggling to find specific documentation for this, any and all help would be greatly appreciated, as well as documentation.


Well from what I can gather, I need to properly setup my CS build file for my project to add the module as a dependency, so then I can include the plugin header, which should give me access. There’s not a lot of documentation on this, but this is what I’ve found:

I still haven’t been able to access the function from the animation sharing manager.

You cant do this direcly as pecially if function dont even yave UFUNCTION

Best work around is to make blueprint callable static function that calls that function as most blueprint function libraries does

That’s the idea, I want to make a wrapper UFUNCTIOM function in my header. The issue is I don’t know how to call the actual function from the module in the plugin in cpp code. It seems that I get syntax errors for the plugin when I compile in engine, but if I compile in VS, nothing updates in UE.