How to Blend the end of an animation to the next animation?

In the most simplest scenario:

If i had two animations, how would i blend the end of the first animation to the beginning of the second animation?

anim montage doesnt have a blend ability between two anims, and blendspace derives off a variable so it blends the animation awkwardly.

So…For a case where you KNOW that you want one animation to play 95 percent then blend to the beginning of the next…What is the workflow?

Hay loopers

That is one of those tree in the middle of the forest questions where there are a lot of different ways of doing it if you don’t know what the forest looks like.

As a primer let Zak tell you everything you need to know before playing with the tree :wink:

As a direct answer to the question the most common way of blending is by using an animation graph as part of a state machine and add a transition argument that gets you in and out of one state into another.

If you don’t want to watch all of the videos, I would suggest that you do becasue you wil be back asking questions ;), 10- Building the AnimGraph is what your looking for

Thanks FrankieV,

I’ve watched those but maybe i’ll rewatch and follow in ue4 with my char as i watch.

those transitions seem to just play one anim to the next anim without any blend nodes. it’s just jump start plays then the loop for the jump plays, then transitions to the landing anim. but each is played fully without any blending?

So say i have :
1.combat idle loop animation.
2. wind up/pre attack animation (could be multiple stances depending on attack)
3. attack animation(multiple attacks obviously)

when starting the first transition, the beginning key frame of the windup/stance animation won’t be the same as wherever the combat idle loop animation ended. Do you see where am getting at?
Maybe i’m asking about blend nodes? pose to pose / poses by int? - i just can’t find much reference or videos on that.

I may just seem clueless and not realizing that when transitioning from any animation to the next, it will always blend.?!


How it will blend though depends on the current state of the object in question that a transition argument can be added.

Example of getting a biped player model moving.

First state is usually the idle state and the most common pose is left foot forward.

Easy argument

If player = moving > transmission to startTorun.

You could modify the argument when the animation needs to exit and enter the run state using a percentage.

If moving and 5% remaining blend into the next state. (running)

With this set up your player animation will blend (left foot forward) into a startToRun by bring up it right foot forward and will blend into the running state at the 95% done mark.

Now the player is running and no big thing as you tell the state to loop (check box) and will loop all day until you change the argument.

If not moving > exit state > endRun

This gets a bit more tricky as the state can be modified depending if the player has their left foot up or their right but what you do know is that you idle state will “always” have it’s left foot forward as a constant so you could apply maths as to which fork in the road to go. To keep it simple we just moved from the running into the stop state the argument to get back to the idle would be something like.

If “not” moving and 5% remaining (endRun) blend into the next state. (idle)

The complete cycle would then be from Idle > startToRun > Running (main loop) > endRun > Idle.

All of that and the AnimGraph will do the proper blending for you but for it to look right you will need to add whats called the ease in and ease out as to the primary animation in the form of what would be considered secondary. You can jump straight to the run and it will blend but it’s going to look goofy.