How to auto run character?

I know it can be done with Event Click method. But I used delta value -200.
I don’t think that it is good option. As in future I want to add boost speed as well.
Is there any best approach for this?
Blueprint attached:

Make the World Direction a Variable, then you are able to manipulate it when needed.

Sorry not understood. Can u please show me via blueprint. I never used any game engine before. Its my first .

Like this - 4.7 - Just using Random float in range, this would alter Y between 200 and 400 everytime you set it.



So here, you manually created a vector. And set the value. I was doing the same. I use -200 value for Y-axis to move my character at right side. But when I want to boost the speed how would I do it? I set -2000 but nothing happened.

Make sure you increase your players walk speed.

Can you please explain me relation between speed and axis?
How much value at y axis = how much speed?

I can not, but if you are setting the speed, put speed to 5,000,000, it matters not.

Can’t I set axis value anyhow instead of delta value? Because if I could then I will fix it with -1 as “Movement Input Blueprint” and then just set the " Walk Speed" with whatever I desire?


Check this series of video tutorial it has answers to all your questions.

I will try this and will let you know. :slight_smile:

Thanks. I got what I wanted.
Now I can just set " Walk Speed" during pickups without changing any axis.
Screenshot, if somebody wants to do the same: