How to add external libraries to generated Visual Studio 2015 project ?

UE 4.10.2
Windows 7

How can I add external libraries to the VS2015 project generated by UnrealEditor ?
I don’t see proper sections (C/C++ and Linker) in project configuration properties.

When I create ordinary VS2015 project, without Unreal, everything is OK.
For Unreal generated projects, many sections in project configuration are missing.

Is this some bug ? Can it be fixed ? I can’t believe this could be intentional.
I create application which needs to use external libraries.
Could anyone help here ?

Apparently, I’m not the only one who struggles with this.
I tried to search forum and I found this problem reported, but no useful answers:

Thanks in advance,

Guys, really no one has an idea what’s the problem here ? Perhaps it should be set somewhere in the Unreal editor ? I’s hard to believe that nobody needed to use external libraries in UE application.

Check the wiki:


Thanks a lot, I followed the article, I added required entries to my *Build.cs file. However, my external libraries are 32 bit only and I develop my application for Win32 platform only.
Everything builds correctly in Visual Studio, but not in Unreal Editor.
Correct me if I’m wrong - I can package project from Editor for Win32, but I choose “Compile” in UnrealEditor, it only compiles for Win64 ?

There is a message in log “Launching UnrealBuildTool” and there is a switch Win64 among parameters.

The important question is: is it possible to set default target platform of UnrealEditor to Win32, not Win64 ?

Without this, it seems a lot of functionality is lost: I can create new classes in UE4, but they are not visible - there is a message that new class will be visible after recompilation, but Editor compiles onl Win64 and Win32 recompilation in VS does not help.
Is it possible to switch UE4 compilation to Win32 ?

In case of any questions - for now I have to use Win32. My external libraries are Win32 only for now, so “recompile your dependencies for Win64” is not an option, at least in near future.

Thanks in advance for help,

I don’t know if there’s way to get the editor to compile to Win32 by default but when you add a class you could right click on the uproject file and generate project files (if it’s a binary build from the launcher) or use the generate project files bat file (might only be available with full source). When you generate project files any files in your “Source” folder will get added to the project.

Sorry, while projects can be deployed to 32-bit, the editor can only be compiled for 64-bit.

> Sorry, while projects can be deployed to 32-bit, the editor can only be compiled for 64-bit.

To make it clear - I don’t want to compile editor (as application) for Win32, I’m curious if editor (64 bit application) can compile project for Win32 target.