How to actually APPLY everything to this black screen?

Hello, i have a problem you see i got my main menu done and almost have my logic done however how do i actually bring it over ? all i see is this black screen for the actual game. If you dont understand what im talking about open up tappy chick and look around its all black besides the actual game, im wondering how he did that.

Hi Kareem,

Take a look through our Getting Started guild, it will help you understand the basics of the editor and game development in general.

Once you get to the point where you starting your project, look through our documentation and extensive tutorial selection. We also have several templates to choose from that may help you get started.

If you run into anything that isn’t covered in our tutorials, the best place to start is our Forums. Most likely one of our users have struggled with and/or created something very similar.

Lastly, if you are having an issue that isn’t covered on the Forums, search the AnswerHub. Many times you will find other users have overcame similar hurdles.

If you can’t find a solution using all of this info, then create your own report. Just remember to follow a few general guidelines to help get the best response.