How profitable is it to sell stuff on marketplace?

Hey Ironbelly,

Is the $100-$200 hypothetical, or representative of the success of your packs? I would have thought given the quality and universal appeal to those weapons (Nearly every game today has guns) it would be far more successful.

Just make sure you sell something which appeal and usable across lots of genres… If you are an artist, do not create very detail winged monster which while they are very beautiful, the purchasers are scared to buy them because they are instantly recognized… lol

Fairly new here and already spent about $80 in market. Happy with most purchases except for one - discovered I could have made myself without too much effort. The market certainly encourages hasty spending, or maybe just me.

The market economy works when the promise of time-saving pre-fab content and special items is just too tempting not to invest in. It’s fun and interesting to browse too. As a newbie to the engine, browsing the market and comments shows me sides to the engine’s capabilities and limitations.

Some sell a little more some sell a little less. Given the fact of the quality, the universal appeal, the inclusion of free first person arms and free animations I would have thought they would have been far more successful as well :slight_smile:

Maybe if/when you start doing scifi weapons we can promote our work together. =)

There’s a saying in my household, generating $2 is better than generating $0.

I’m personally guilty of going on random shopping sprees, purchasing stuff I think *might *need (but may never use). Its one way I show support for the UE4 Community. I’m certain Content Vendors enjoy profits, but, I think there would be greater satisfaction, seeing their products used in a game production. Thus, I’m incorporating all of the content I’ve purchased to date into a very unique RPG.

There’s another saying in my household, wasting $0 is better than wasting $2.

So, if you spent time on something that can go into the Marketplace, put it up for sale as you may surprised who’s going to buy it!

If you are looking into selling on Unreal only then I would suggest making some sort of scripting that goes with the objects. I.E. moving parts inside the object. You could also include multiple skins for the same object by telling the object to look for the skin number.