How New Does UR4 Cater For?

Hey all,

I’m very new to the development side of gaming, I usually just create 3D graphics, however it’s been a dream to create something I can actually play and share with my friends/family that we can enjoy together.

However, the clear problem I have is that I have minimal experience in programming. I was originally looking at FPS creator as it advertised no coding required.

I’m guessing this is a bit more complex than that idea?

I have no problem learning what it takes to use UR4, but having to learn C++ etc would make it a whole different story!

I know you’re all thinking ‘Not another noob’ ! but any advice you can share is highly appreciated! :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance

You dont need any C++ experience. Everything can be done with blueprints (visual scripting) -> you can create entire games with them :slight_smile:

Make sure to take a look at this threads:

Actually, Brad, if you have any skill as an artist, you are gold-dust. There are lots of programmers here who have little to no skill in that department, and would love to have you work with them on a game. If you follow the link below, you might find someone who is working on a game that you like the sound of, or you could advertise your skills to see if there is someone who would like to work with you on something you want to make.

Of course, you may want to create something on your own, from scratch. :slight_smile: That’s the beauty part. You have plenty of options.

Thank you both, They are exactly the answers I was wishing for!

I think I will have a practice and learn the engine before I think about becoming part of a team :slight_smile:

I’m very excited to start creating, thankyou again!

I will write it on my link list :wink:

Nope, I put nearly everything on my link list :wink:

  • I dont want any sad people here in the forum :smiley: