How many people typically buy marketplace items?

Unfortunately it is impossible to be 100% victorious over piracy. Epic has taken down a few sites from what I’ve seen, as people reported them. You also have the ability as a creator to request the order number and epic id number of those who request support if you want that extra layer of security. This allows you to verify with epic that they did in fact purchase your content.

From the buyer point of view, I love the Marketplace for what is there… Of course I think if I had a game I was going to sell I would never use any of those assets like static items and building packs and characters, as I would want it to be original to my game. But for learning how to do something, going through the BP’s and seeing how stuff is done, it is often better than examples/tutorials I can find.

Requesting Epic ID along with invoice number is interesting; Asking for invoice number only, made me realise ppl were sharing those numbers as well…
If you can check user ID, you can at least know who is the ‘rich cool guy’ buying packages and giving it away to the ‘persians’ for free, adding more layers of unpaid support duty to the developer.

Why do you think the procedural nature pack and modular building pack is selling better than Allars generic shooter? In the list Jon published a while ago the generic shooter was the best selling marketplace asset, and I don’t think that has changed.

Allar is still making more per day than I make per month with my minimap, but it’s obvious that there is much more demand for something like generic shooter compared to something specialized like my minimap.

Any thoughts on the sell for more or sell for less or is it more so on what is getting released / interest.
I’m about to submit a fairly complex toolkit BP setup but trying to nail down a good price point i’m trying to go the middle ground of being affordable for impulse but not cutting myself short by underselling to the target audieance.

Would it be worth the time to ask the community about what they would feel a solid price point would be or should I just go with a gut feeling.

It’s all about how much support time you’re up to provide.
Eventually you’ll want to take a break from support and work on your game, got a job within a company, etc. But you can’t, you have a contract with Epic after publishing and if buyers claim you aren’t giving enough support + regular updates they have the right to action a refund.
In that case isn’t good idea to publish ‘software’, Blueprint systems, etc. Even worse idea selling too cheap; you’ll earn little, and maybe won’t have the time to give proper support time to all your customers.
If you have something of great quality + great demand, sell it for a fair price (which many would consider too high); less units sold but also less support overhead… In case it’s a success for you, the price tag justifies you quitting your job to give decent support to your buyers.
If you’re **sure **that you can handle the incoming support requests and have plenty of time and you’re sure you’ll still be around for many years to come when buyers need your help, why not. Providing tools is a great experience, sometimes even more fun than developing an average game.

Some publish something poor and sell for close to nothing to grab as much monies as they can and run away with it (common on Unity’s Asset Store). Would be better for everyone you don’t try to sell it then, give it away for free and use it as portfolio. Reputation is worth much more than money in game development, you hurt yourself if you do something like that…

And about asking for pricing… Of course we’ll always want to pay as less as possible; if you can’t judge price/value balance of your own endeavour, don’t expect us consumers to do it for you :slight_smile:

6/17/2015 to 6/30/2015: 416 units sold
7/1/2015 to 7/30/2015: 247 units sold
8/1/2015 to 8/30/2015: 96 units sold
9/1/2015 to 9/22/2015: 37 units sold

I was the best selling asset in terms of units for 7/1/2015 to 7/30/2015, but I don’t know my standing in any other month as the only information put out regarding this was for 7/1/2015 to 7/30/2015.

I don’t have the fancy graphs like you :stuck_out_tongue: , but I’m willing to share as well. I am running this store here: HostileAssets. I do not have September sales data yet and that will come next week. With that said here is my data from February and here are my units sold data:

A few tidbits to consider.

  • February Wooden Storage Pack sales were for the final week of the month
  • March Unreal Engine 4 went free and dropped the subscription requirement
  • All assets have a 4.5 or higher star rating
  • 1.5 weeks my fences featured as an EPIC Games Staff Pick (Very end of June and early July)
  • Price increase for the month of August:
  • Wooden Storage Pack $4.99 > $9.99
  • Fences $9.99 > $19.99
  • Destructible Road Signs $9.99 > $14.99

What I can gather is that you best price yourself correctly when you first release because being featured does wonders for units sold; as seen with the spike in sales with the EPIC Games Staff Pick. Most may quickly look at this and say the price increase impacted sales, but I think with a deeper look into it that is simply not the case.

If you look at the fence pack and predict with the limited trend data of March to April to May I think the units sold is right about where it is to be expected. Of course the featuring as an EPIC Games Staff Pick offset that trend in June/July. This drop off in sales is easy to blame on the price increase but I think with the full picture that just isn’t the case.

I would say the same about the wooden storage pack as well. There seems to be a bit of a jump off the trend in July, but I attribute that to the featuring as an EPIC Games Staff Pick helped drive some traffic to my other assets, primarily the wooden storage pack due to the $4.99 price tag.

Lastly, the zipline and road signs assets really disappointed me. The road signs came in at a $9.99 price tag and really are the best value I can find in any asset store. 100+ 2k sign textures, destructible, and all bundled together in a superrrrr easy blueprint? Surprised at the units sold more so than disappointed I guess.

With all of that said, it has been a little over $4,500 net revenue (after EPIC’s 30% share) over the course of essentially 6 months. Am I happy about it? Sure, it paid for the furniture in my wife and I’s new apartment. Did it make me quit my day job so I could create art full-time? Of course not, but I think that has more to do with the fact that I don’t really know what the marketplace really wants. Jon Jones has given us some information which helped me decide to create the road signs and zipline, but I think ultimately I just don’t know what the vast majority of the community wants (sales of those assets were lackluster). If I could release a fence pack type of asset each month I definitely could see myself doing it full-time and having enough money. I ultimately do not have the artistic/blueprint scripting talent to do that month in and month out. I know my place as far as ability goes and that is why I came into this marketplace wanting to provide low cost and learning-type of assets to the hobbyists out there. Making stuff is fun and people enjoy learning.

I hope my mini write up and sales data was helpful to the community. Thanks for the support!

You definitely got a nice influx of cash for 3 months of sales, about $13,000 net revenue from my rough calculations. But it isn’t quite quit your day job unless you can release that sort of asset success 4-6 times a year. That is the difficulty. I think your asset was the perfect fit for this community. People who love first person games who do not know how to write code. Which I would go as far to say is the vast majority. Blueprints really are awesome and why I think you had such nice success. I appreciate your transparency.

My Fence Pack was number 13 on that list at 65 units sold. Just info for the record.

Thanks for the info Osok, really appreciate it.

I think its safe to say, based on this experience and data, its universally better to price higher and sell less, simply because you’ll gross the same, so might as well have to deal with less support.

And, of course, get promoted in the marketplace launcher as much as possible. But that is something as a seller, you don’t have too much control over.

No problem Allar.

This is what I see as well and I have to agree with that sentiment.

Wow Allar and Osok. Those are enviable numbers! You guys deserve it though. In comparison, mine are not so awesome (although I am still happy anyone at all bought my material pack):

Dec 2014 - 17
Jan 2015 - 17
Feb 2015 - 5
Mar 2015 - 64
Apr 2015 - 19
May 2015 - 5
Jun 2015 - 8
Jul 2015 - 7

I guess March was when they made UE4 free and credited subscribers $30 to use on the Marketplace? Of the 142 people who have bought my pack, I’ve only ever heard from one :confused:

Thanks for sharing. I also wish more people would give ratings, but I think we can expect more once they integrate into the launcher.

Well , it has only been two months of earning for me. And below is the result for my Daylight System -

Jul 16 - Jul 31 - 35 units sold at 24.99$
Aug 1 - Aug 31 - 18 units sold at 24.99$

Well I have understood that to make your business steady , you need to successfully submit at least one content every month. I planned to do so initially , but then I got distracted by stupid infatuation :stuck_out_tongue:

Luos’s cave pack:
April: 41 units sold at 80 dollars.
May: 24 units sold at 80 dollars.
May 40 units sold at 53 dollars. (promotion)
June: 7 units sold at 80 dollars. (this one hurt)
July: 16 units sold at 80 dollars.
August: 17 units sold at 80 dollars.

I am probably one of the few people who /care about a regular job, so this is in fact one of the few sources that generate income.
Sadly due to a lot of stuff I havent had time to work on another pack untill recently…
which is still a month or two away from being close to finished.

I got the material pack during summer, and its been in heavy use. Big thanks if I forgot to thank earlier. :wink: Only getting familiar now with terrain layers so about to use the clay and rock textures too finally.

My 2 cents:

Eh, I wish every month was like a May :smiley:

As for rating - I have 29 Five-starts and 0 other ratings and I’m super happy about it! :slight_smile: I have in-game link to the rating page so I guess it could have been a reason for having this amount of rates.

Holy ****, I thought SuperGrid was selling like, 4x this amount!

Thanks for the info, super interesting!

This thread is very interesting :slight_smile: I’m glad people are sharing. Would be interesting to see some of the other categories. I’ve always wondered about the music packs…I remember Jon Jones posting a list showing the top selling categories, and music was very low.