How I think game design should work

Have you seen my tutorial series (see my signature), I am explaining from start to finish how to recreate Nazi Zombies in UE4, and try to be as detailed as possible.

Well I’m talking about making a game where the framework fits the original concept and the concept contains all the features. So hypothetically there would be no reason to change anything. And for arguments sake lets say that security wise everything is fine too.

Yeah it looks good Jamendxman3… I’m not particularly interested but I suppose if you included instructions on how to package the game and if you were finished with the series then I would say it would be a good time investment. But still I don’t think it fits my criteria… at what point is there a project file with all the framework in it and template based hierarchies for content creation.

For what you want it wouldn’t be worth the time to develop because no one else would want to use the features as-is, they would always want some amount of customization. That’s why people develop plugins and stuff like that, you can choose the things you want in your game from different pieces and then put them together. The more customized you want it, the more complicated it gets.

But what if I made something really cool though… lol

What you essentially want is a custom framework made for you, it would work for your project and no one else because everyone has different features and requirements for a game project.

How much do you think something like that would cost? And I assume that if they made this framework for me, they could resell it to other people too… there are 7.5 billion people in the world you know… I’m sure someone out there might be looking for a generic FPSMMO. I even have a concept and a business plan and a content outline. I could easily imagine other people liking my portfolio and either wanting to hop on board or start their own project with the same custom “project file”.

It’s hard to say how much it costs, a good programmer is going to be like $75,000+ a year. Even for a basic MMO you’d need more than one programmer and at least a year of development. Since you’re just starting out it would take even longer.
As far as being able to sell the system after its made, most people wouldn’t buy it unless you have some kind of support and if you make it easier to use. It’ll be more expensive to get it set up so you can sell it than it would be to make it for your game.

As far as those documents go, they’re not nearly developed enough. Your design doc should be much much more in depth and it doesn’t seem like you know much about asset creation

Alright 1. I don’t think it will take a year for them to make just the basic framework. I think the framework would just be a master blueprint, a class in C++, and some hierarchies with blueprints/game objects/actors in them which I would be making the content with by copying and pasting. Number 2. I think simple models are good enough and no I don’t know much about CG besides basic modeling/rigging/materials/animation for the characters/scenery and still renders for the UI textures. Number 3. I wouldn’t be selling the system since I’m not the one making it and why couldn’t the person making the system just sell the project file.

And number four its a very simple game and it doesn’t need any more details in the three docs. The docs describe everything that go on and all the details for all the features are there. It doesn’t describe the “style” but the gameplay is basically just weapons/grenades and killing each other and looting monsters and mining and crafting and banking. I wrote about what leveling and equipment does. I wrote about how ammo and weapons work. And that’s pretty much all there is to it.

If you have a single developer working for a year, can you afford $75,000? That’s obviously not going to be enough, but just think at the very smallest level. You’re not going to get someone good to do it for free.

There’s much more than some C++ classes to getting a framework working, plus you need a whole server system to run the game and a system for user accounts.

I don’t even know where C++ goes. But I assume C++(and the blueprints) would have code for the server and database. I don’t know how you would package the client and the server. I don’t know how you would run it in tandem with a website and database.

I just THINK its simple. I just BELIEVE that it can be done scientifically and mathematically one step at a time in a few hours based on theory.

Not the whole game, just the framework. Complete with hierarchies which I could use to make content out of.

Is the trolling still going on?

Wow, that just made me think about how expensive it really is to hire a payed team :wink:

It is, but you have a much higher chance of success. But huge projects can still be done for very little. Gears of War had a very small budget and a very small team

I agree with the design sequence and my version would be: living design document (concept), modular framework, and customizable entity asset packs.

IMO, the design document should be a *living *document that’s modified as needed (and the design will change during the course of development). Etching ideas in stone will not guarantee their implementation.

Frameworks can be modular and several high-level blueprints frameworks are reaching the marketplace. The concern with these BP systems is compatibility and cohesion between them. I formed BP App Gurus to develop compatible Blueprints-based Editor Application Modules + Supply stream of Interchangeable Entity Asset Packs.

Content is the greatest challenge for most of us. Especially complex entities: Characters, Creatures, Weapons, etc. I personally desire the content to be high-quality (suitable for production) and readily customizable , offering some form of pseudo-uniqueness.

Even if one has design doc and framework in place, the task of generating sufficient content exists.

Well the games I’m interested in making are simple in nature. There aren’t too many features for them. So I think that modular framework is the best idea so that content creation can be as fast as possible. So, in my opinion, for my practices, I would want the design document to be the first thing that is completed and never changed… and I would want the production of assets(and thus their migration into content) to never start unless I was absolutely positive that the framework matched the design and was completely working.

How I ***thought ***game design should work.


A design document will change, even if you say yours won’t.

A design document is supposed to be liquid.
It’s supposed to flow and shift.

What happens when you realize you can’t do something or would rather change a feature?
That’s a change to your document.

By the way, you pretty much just said what we’ve been trying to tell you.

You used words like “games I’M interested in making” or “my opinion.”

If the framework works for you, that’s good.

But, not everyone wants to make the game you do.

And, not everyone wants to make games simple in nature.

~ Jason

Coming from making apps, I never found it hard to get downloads as I was getting several thousand per day, but it is a shame to realize that games will likely be much different, posts like this are always interesting to give me some insight into the industry of gaming.